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  1. Sara270

    Adult male ambilobe (blue bar) panther for sale

    I am looking to sell my adult male ambilobe and everything needed to care for/ house him. I recently had a baby and can no longer care for him. He is 5 years old, full size adult male. Beautiful blue bar. I can send pictures upon request. Included with sale is 1. Two screened enclosures...
  2. Sara270

    Dubia starter colonies for sale at great prices!!

    Bump Still have tons of dubias for sale at fantastic prices. Please PM me. I can work with you to get any size and sex quantity you want and guarantee live delivery. Thanks!!
  3. Sara270

    Dubia starter colonies for sale at great prices!!

    Dubia roach starter colonies for sale!!! $40.00 shipped for 100 mixed size (w/ high ratio of adults and females) $25 shipped for 50 mixed size (w/ high ratio of adults and females) -or- I can customize order to any quantity, maturity, or sex ratio at reasonable prorated prices. PM me...
  4. Sara270

    Roach ID?????

    Blaberus Discoidalis
  5. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    Sorry for the delay in response. 1. Would you recommend replacing crickets with Dubias as a staple? A: Replacing crickets with dubia is a preference thing on your part and your chams. For me personally, I prefer it because dubias do not smell, require way less care, don't really climb...
  6. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    See response above
  7. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    In answer to your questions, it is completely up to you (and your cham) if you want to replace your crickets with dubia as the staple. It is completely fine in terms of nutrition content. I guess it depends on how picky an eater you have. What I do is feed mainly dubias as the staple diet...
  8. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    Yes, I still have them available and I am willing to work out different prices for different shipping/pick up arrangements. Just PM me or e-mail me at [email protected] If you are in colder locations I take care to ensure nice packaging and heat pads. Plus I include 10-20% extra for any...
  9. Sara270

    flukers wasted my money

    You can use Miner-All O (outside) with red top. It has calcium in it with no D3. It is "outside" because it is meant to be used when cham is outside and getting sunshine and no need for D3. Many people use it indoors on a more frequent basis, and you can supplement with CA + D3 less frequently.
  10. Sara270

    LOTS of snow in Vegas

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
  11. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    I still have a lot of dubias for sale. All sizes and willing to sell mainly adults. Perfect for starter colonies.
  12. Sara270

    Dubia Set-Up?

    Depends where you live and where you are going to house them, but yes, I would use some sort of heating device (tape or pad or something). Ideal temperature range is the higher end of a 75--95 degrees Fahrenheit range. They will not breed below 68F.
  13. Sara270

    Need a little advice for my poor chameleon.

    LLL Reptiles sells some things like Terramycin eye ointment and liquid vitamins, syringes, etc.
  14. Sara270

    Dubia Roaches -- starter colonies for sale

    Dubia roach starter colonies for sale. $40.00 shipped for 100 mixed, mainly large adults $25 shipped for 50 mixed, mainly large adults PM me or email me at [email protected] PayPal accepted.
  15. Sara270

    egg crate flats...
  16. Sara270

    Emergency, Eye problem!

    Maybe try another vet? I recently had eye problems with my cham and the vet did a lot more than I could do. He injected yellow dye that binds to foreign material or cuts in eye and looked at the eye with microscopic lens. When he found a small abrasion he actually put my mean cham to sleep so...
  17. Sara270

    Roaches too fast for him

    I beg to differ. I raised the lid of my dubia enclosure the other night (40 gallon plastic container) and one flew off the egg crate which was pretty deep in the container and landed safely on the ground outside. Granted he did not fly far, but it was cool to see. They can fly, if they are...
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