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    Feeder Grasshopper Expansion

    “Does Maryland include Washington DC for shipping or is that separate?” No, I wouldn’t think separate. I would imagine D.C. would be difficult due to local and Federal jurisdictions sometimes overlapping.
  2. cafoster23

    help a new cham owner - Maryland avians and exotic veterinary care?

    Dr. Stahl is the only vet that has ever been recommended to me. However being in western Maryland has been difficult to get there. There is a place in Westminster called Feathers,Scales and tales who I’ve used for a rescue I had. Dr. Paul was knowledgeable about Panther Chameleons. He actually...
  3. cafoster23

    Feeder Grasshopper Expansion

  4. cafoster23

    Beautiful Male Yellow Giant

    He is amazing!
  5. cafoster23

    Medicating and force feeding

    I also had my daughter there to help. I had the task of opening his mouth as she would gently feed him via syringe
  6. cafoster23

    Medicating and force feeding

    I went through the same thing with a panther I rescued. It was a struggle to feed him, but he needed it. It was worth the frustration because he has made a full recovery. Keep at it, he definitely needs it. Are you feeding via a syringe?
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    US 1+ year old YBBB male panther needs new home very soon

    I’ll try and spread the word here in western Maryland. if I was a bit closer I would take him in.
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    Fingers crossed it happens soon
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    48”x48” Reptibreeze XL Build

    Nice job. Thanks for the pictures and explanations.
  10. cafoster23

    Happy updates.

    Awesome. Exciting, isn’t it?
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    Panther Pics!!!

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  12. cafoster23

    US Looking for home for panther cham: NY/MA

    I’m sure you will be able to find a home for that handsome fella. If I was closer I would be interested, but Maryland is a bit of a drive. Good luck
  13. cafoster23

    Scream Monday

    I love these. Thanks for sharing everyone
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    Mighty nice of you. I’m sure hope some will be thankful for your kindness!
  15. cafoster23

    Just some photos ❤️

    Fantastic looking little friend you have there!
  16. cafoster23

    Wanted to share pics of my new boy.

    Isn’t it exciting to see them shed? The colors seem so much sharper after a fresh shed. Looking forward to see how he colors up
  17. cafoster23

    Introducing Ares The Chameleon (:

    That’s a Good looking boy there
  18. cafoster23

    I’m back! Hello Once Again

    Welcome back to the forum. I once kept reef tanks as well and miss it. But now it’s on to new obsessions
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    i like the variety of climbing surfaces
  20. cafoster23

    Sith lord melon

    Nice. Someone obviously chose the Darkside
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