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  1. Meliodas

    Chameleon refusing to eat crickets

    Any tips on getting a Cham to eat his cricket or why he won’t eat them?!?!? I have a year old Veiled Chameleon, his normal diet is generally just 8-10 crickets every day (I know they aren’t suppose to eat everyday at this age but it’s the diet his vet wants him on for now cause he had an...
  2. Meliodas

    Worried about impaction

    I have a Male Veiled he is about 8-9months old, he didn’t poop for about a week and a half and then he finally pooped but the poop was very large compared to any of his other poops I clean his enclosure once a week I would normally clean out 3-4 small ish poops, I figure it was because he...
  3. Meliodas

    Weird White Sac

    That’s what I was thinking it was just bigger than what it normally is so it threw me off, thank you!
  4. Meliodas

    Weird White Sac

    I found this inside my male veiled enclosure anyone have any idea what this is? And should I be concerned. He’s acting normal still very active and still eating
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