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  1. kplatvoet


    My flapneck used to eat her shed quite often - never effected her digestion- your little guy is very handsome - good luck with him-
  2. kplatvoet

    Jungle Dawn® LED Spot for Lush Plant Growth!

    Would these work in a dome with a dimmer ?
  3. kplatvoet

    Mistking, Aquazamp replacement tips

    Great tip- I also found what I think is them on Amazon with your tip - you got 1GPH and they work? I've picked up a couple of spare nozzles with my silk worms from coastal but I really need to replace them all - I have very hard water.
  4. kplatvoet

    Starting back up

    If your looking for the best cage - Dragonstrand - a Reptibreeze cage is fine, but the ease of set up for a Dragonstrand makes it better. You'll also want dual or quad tube lights from "Light Your Reptiles" (Arcadia lighting lasts a year instead of 6 months, you can just get bulbs from them...
  5. kplatvoet

    Humidity Help ASAP!

    A pump mister that you can get in a garden center works better at bringing up humidity than a spray bottle - a mistking would be better yet, but a pump mister is about 10 to 20 dollars -they both have a finer mist which lets you spray longer with better results - don't try to save money by...
  6. kplatvoet

    Humidity Help ASAP!

    Veiled don't need it as humid as a say a Jackson. . A live plant or two should bring it up some.
  7. kplatvoet

    Humidity Help ASAP!

    What kind of chameleon do you have ? And how are you measuring the humidity? How low is "really low" - and how long does it take after spraying does it take before it goes back to "really low" I've used this small humidifier...
  8. kplatvoet

    Dehydrated Baby Veiled???

    You could also try a dripper - Also if your using a spray bottle to spray try getting the kind you have to pump up - they're only around 10 bucks at Lowes or Home Depot- and it's a finer mist.
  9. kplatvoet

    New hatchling

    He's really cute even if he's a she - And the fact that he's eating and drinking sounds real good to me ... I don't know too much about babies but it sounds like your doing fine ..
  10. kplatvoet

    My new Fischers

    She's so pretty
  11. kplatvoet

    Babies hatching...

    Congratulations - there's nothing like a flapneck stinkeye ...
  12. kplatvoet

    Surprise Babies!

    This helped me
  13. kplatvoet

    Awesome Photo!!!

    He's really nice looking - i like it
  14. kplatvoet


    Ethel is still being shy... they had a bit of a drive yesterday and I've been trying to give them some time to settle in.
  15. kplatvoet

    Help pls (Chameleon)

    How old is he/she and what kind ?- When they are little they need to eat more than they do as they get older - if you feed it morning make that the bigger meal and a little snack a couple of hours before lights off - as they get older you cut out the snack-
  16. kplatvoet

    I'm ready!?

    I don't see a timer - I would pick up a couple of cheaper "daylight" bulbs in different wattages and skip the Zoo med 60w basking bulb - that way you can dial in what he likes. I've never seen a dimmable clamp lamp - I'm going to have to look for one today - I need to get a couple of new...
  17. kplatvoet

    some nice pictures....

    Your pictures are always wonderful - the Furcifer campani looks a little chubby- is she gravid ?
  18. kplatvoet

    best way to hang plants?

    The best way It's not the cheapest way - but I really like the way they work-
  19. kplatvoet

    Surprise, we've got babies!

    They are cute! With Sherley I used one of the little disposable salad dressing cups with a velcro button on it - with the other side on a bottle cap - it was easy to move around - I didn't think of her getting her tongue stuck on it though.
  20. kplatvoet

    Surprise, we've got babies!

    I had a baby jackson and for her I put a piece of fruit in with the fruit flies where they were easier for her to catch them - it worked for me. That and a fly eating plant near the cage. Sherley is still around (the plant didn't make it) Good luck with them-
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