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  1. Cat557

    New baby hiding

    Thankyou 🙂 I actually researched chameleons by watching all of your videos and going back and rewatching them when I forget something 🤣 I want the enclosure to be off the ground but I have a low ceiling and can't get anything under it with the basking light being so tall 😅
  2. Cat557

    New baby hiding

    Thankyou 😇
  3. Cat557

    New baby hiding

    I got my first boy the day before yesterday he was travelling for days and came in the night. The first morning he was exploring and eating straight away. Not long after he ate silkworm he went in to the ficus and has been hiding there since. I don't think he's found the basking branch or if he...
  4. Cat557

    Opinions on my husbantry

    I'm getting my first panther chameleon in a couple of weeks hes 3-4 months old and I have just finished building the enclosure. After seeing other people's set ups I'm wondering if I went overboard with the branches and plants? Also I live in South West Wales which has really high humidity this...
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