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  1. Djturna4thakidz

    water feature in enclosure

    I would avoid any standing water at the bottom. I have lost a cham in a couple inches of water.
  2. Djturna4thakidz

    Should I be Worried??????

    The panther may be getting ready to shed.
  3. Djturna4thakidz

    Leaking from enclosure.

    drill some holes and put a bucket under it. I also run a bead of silicone around the bottom of the cage to ensure the corners dont leak.
  4. Djturna4thakidz

    Jacksons Chameleon acting sick - please help

    I just saw your post in the other thread, sorry for your loss. Yes, your cage and temps most likely contributed to his demise. Like others have said, that cage is not acceptable for any animal. It is a hard lesson to learn, but the employees at pet stores do not know about chameleon care. They...
  5. Djturna4thakidz

    Thoughts on the Chameleon Cantina?

    Seen the product. View it as a gimmick, not necessary in my setup.
  6. Djturna4thakidz

    New Rescue, With Eyes Closed

    You will also need to get her supplement schedule corrected. W/O D3 4-6 times weekly, D3 twice monthly and multivitamin twice monthly.
  7. Djturna4thakidz

    New Rescue, With Eyes Closed

    She can lay eggs anytime after 5-6 months, even if never exposed to another chameleon. She is def of age.
  8. Djturna4thakidz

    Panther chameleon MBD

    Colins condition is not reversible under any conditions, but you can slow it and maybe stop it. The most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and rectify the situation. That being said, lets try and get you setup. Supplements: He should have bugs dusted with Calcium w/o D3...
  9. Djturna4thakidz

    Not laying eggs.

    She needs to go to the vet asap for a shot of oxytosin (not sure the spelling) it will attemp to assist in laying. If that does not work, surgery is necesary. Due to her condition, not sure if she would make it through surgery. She is so small. But first I would get her to a vet asap or she will...
  10. Djturna4thakidz

    Substrate suggestions!

    Yes this is an alternative view to mine. I used planted terratiums for my dart frogs. I setup a viv like this for a small jacksons I had, worked great but he became impacted from ingesting too much of the leaf litter and passed away. I know I get a lot of pushback on this, people saying...
  11. Djturna4thakidz

    Chameleons sick, constipation dark colour and weak.

    Yes, my guess is that she is with eggs. I would get a lay bin in asap. If she doesnt lay in a couple days. I would get to a vet. You said 8 hrr, but this is a very serious problem, in veileds especially. And once they get too weak, it is very tough for them to recover.
  12. Djturna4thakidz

    Substrate suggestions!

    It looks really good but IMHO not the best enclosure for a panther. Due to the size of panthers, they usually need a larger adult cage. Also with no real plants keeping humidity up will be a tough. I love these exo-terras for my smaller species and montanes but for a panther, go screen.
  13. Djturna4thakidz

    UPDATE on Neil

    Good Luck! I hope everything goes well!
  14. Djturna4thakidz

    Something stuck in my Veiled chameleons vent. NOT A SPERM PLUG, PLEASE HELP

    Looks like a prolapse. Usually you need to keep it most with KY jelly otherwise it can dry and fall off. If you cannot get it back in you will need a vet much earlier than wednesday.
  15. Djturna4thakidz

    Lethargic/Closed Eyes

    That looks great
  16. Djturna4thakidz

    Need Advice

    That is strange, usually it is when they are in the cage that they are aggressive. I would create a freerange that connects to the cage. Have a vine or branch where he can exit the cage and go into freerange on his own. I think if you allow him to move freely and get used to being out he will be...
  17. Djturna4thakidz

    She must go!!!

    This is the wrong place and this thread may be shut down. Mediators can we move this to classifieds?
  18. Djturna4thakidz

    Can you house a male and female panther together

    If they freerange together just keep an eye on them. I have had some pretty brutal encounters between males and females. Cham bites can do some damage and cause serious injury!
  19. Djturna4thakidz

    My panther cham's aim seems to be off.

    Hello, The branches may be too big and slippery. For young chams use very small diameter branches. It would be beneficial to hone in your temps. 80-90 basking is too big of a fluctuation. I would aim for 83-84 basking and 70 ambient. A drop to 60 at night is good, but try and keep it at...
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