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  1. Tootime

    Ankaramy female and Sambava Male

    I want one...
  2. Tootime

    Ambilobe Male

    He is a very nice looking Cham, looks a lot like mine. How old is he.
  3. Tootime

    Ali the yemen

    Can't see any pics of him.
  4. Tootime

    The new guy, Pete.

    My advice is to read the forum daily, at least every night before bed, I have learned so much by doing this. Good luck on your little guy, you are at the right place to learn all about them.
  5. Tootime

    Eyes and lighting

    I would definitely have to agree on the adventure part. Today we spent quite a bit of time outside and Stryker kept opening his mouth at me, then I went inside and watched him and he was still doing it. He has never opened it at me before so I jumped on here to ask why. Before starting a thread...
  6. Tootime

    cham and pregnant wife...HELP needed!

    Thanks for asking this, I have a pregnant wife as well and she is a nurse and is always telling me she or our kids better not get salmonella poison. I am always telling her to relax.
  7. Tootime

    Eyes and lighting

    I have the same light and I have not experienced this. I am sure you are but just a question. I have a mistking but I still spray Stryker down with my hand mister at least three to four times a week. I pay special attention to his eyes ensuring that he bulges them and rolls them around. This is...
  8. Tootime

    Sambava M @ six months

    He looks great, I have been looking for a nice Sambava, if you don't mind me asking where did you get him?
  9. Tootime

    Post lunch chill-out

    Nice set ups, wish my Stryker could spend more time outside. I am guessing those plants are fake? I would like to set up something similar for my little guy. Can I ask where you got them from?
  10. Tootime

    Kandiroo babe, 1 week after joining my new home

    Brothers... Kat I have your Sir Georges brother, Stryker from the same hatch. Here is the two post I made of him, they include other members that have Kandiroo babies.
  11. Tootime

    I'm lovin this boy~

    He is really nice looking, what locale is he?
  12. Tootime

    Stryker showing off

    Well lets see some picks.
  13. Tootime

    Sambava panther swallowed perlite from soil??

    I am glad to hear that it looks like everything will come out alright (pun intended), I would like to see pics, especially since I am looking at buying a sambava baby right now or in the near future.
  14. Tootime

    Lighting schedule?

    My lights come on at 6, first mist happens at 6:30. I feed at 7 and lights go off at 7. There was a post a week back or so where someone posted the lighting schedule by month to most reflect their natural schedule. If I remember right it was 13 hours during the summer then a few months of 12 and...
  15. Tootime

    My first Cham, son of Kandiroo

    Well lets see some pics!
  16. Tootime

    My first Cham, son of Kandiroo

    I did ask Bruce what the 5 was, its a way he marks them. We named him Stryker, he is 5 months old this week. He just had his first shed since we have had him the other day. You can see his new colors here. I can't believe how much...
  17. Tootime

    Stryker showing off

    Thanks, he just shed for the first time since I have had him last week. I put him outside and that was the most orange I have ever seen him get. Before that he did look like this a few times. This is the first...
  18. Tootime

    Stryker showing off

    This is Stryker, he is five months old this week. He is extremely friendly and I have only ever seen him flare his throat up once...
  19. Tootime

    New to Chameleons need advice on choosing

    You can raise Dubia Roaches, they are really easy to breed and raise your own food. I just started raising my own, so for now I am stuck getting stinky crickets from the pet store. I still will have to order silk worms and super worms however the roaches are so easy that for around $100 I will...
  20. Tootime

    New to Chameleons need advice on choosing

    I have done saltwater fish and corals for years, I can tell you that this is much easier. As far as what kind, that I can't tell you. I went with a panther due to the fact I love their coloring. I would recommend doing lots of research first, this site is great for that and so are all the...
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