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  1. AmberNichole

    Comment by 'AmberNichole' in media 'image'

    Awesome setup! Be sure to put something between the cages if you have two chameleons though :)
  2. AmberNichole

    Short video of my dart frogs

    Wow very professional video! Great enclosures too! I have 6 dart frogs myself.
  3. AmberNichole

    Panther Tongue

    WOW, that is really cool!
  4. AmberNichole

    9 month old male

  5. AmberNichole

    Gravid colors?

    I bred on of my females a little over a week ago and since has showing, what i think are gravid colors. She was a bright peach/pink and very receptive to the male when i bred her. She was also 11.5 months old. Surprised she would be showing these gravid colors so soon after mating. What do...
  6. AmberNichole

    Blue on blue ambanja

    I like the name "Stitch" from Lilo and Stitch lol I have bought 6 panthers from the Jungle Panther. Great choice. Haven't been disappointed at all.
  7. AmberNichole

    She gets a chameleon and I dont?

    That was horrible :( Poor thing. You are 21 years old though, why don't you just move out and get your own place so you can have a chameleon?
  8. AmberNichole

    Bought 4 Panthers ><

    Once I figure out who the nosy be is I'm going to have to get me a nice male hee hee. Any excuse to get more chams lol
  9. AmberNichole

    Bought 4 Panthers ><

    He was honest and told me he had no idea who was who lol Stand up guy though. I have ordered from him before. I'll just figure it out through breeding. It will take me a few extra months, but it is worth it.
  10. AmberNichole

    Bought 4 Panthers ><

    The breeder is awesome and very careful usually. The thing is that these escaped and got mixed up. I did not ask details, but he was very honest about it. He could have just told me what I wanted and sold them to me for a much higher price. Got a great deal. Basically got these 3 nearly...
  11. AmberNichole

    One AWESOME looking banja!!

    Loving all of the shades of blue! Beautiful!
  12. AmberNichole

    It's Sunday so it must be giant monkey tail day...

    Really like these guys! Maybe I will get a couple hehe
  13. AmberNichole

    Blue on blue ambanja

  14. AmberNichole

    Yellow Body / Red Bar

    Beautiful boy!
  15. AmberNichole

    New girl from David Ibdragons

    Awesome girl!!!
  16. AmberNichole

    Bought 4 Panthers ><

    :rolleyes: All females from 5 months to 7 months. A question though. I got an awesome deal on three of them. Reason being is that 2 are SUPER high quality ambilobes, and one of them is a nosy be (still VERY nice quality though). Well it is not know who is who out of those three lol. Any...
  17. AmberNichole

    Pissed woken up colors

    My biggest male is sooooooo friendly and docile. I can take him in public and everything. Well that is unless he gets work up lol He gets these weird dark green colors and will lunge to bite. I took a pic to show the difference in his colors. I thought it was neat. He will only show these...
  18. AmberNichole

    Is it just me, or is this person crazy???

    Thanks guys! I don't feel so bad for being completely dumbfounded! LOL She ended up deleting the whole thread once some big chameleon breeders chimed in defending me LOL
  19. AmberNichole

    Is it just me, or is this person crazy???

    On a different forum this person was asking if her male is a late bloomer, because he has no interest in breeding. Come to find out he is only 5 months old!? I'm no expert by any means, but seems crazy to me. What are your guys thoughts? Am I out of line? HER: Are some male panthers just...
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