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  1. scott52019

    where are you guys buying superworms?

    I'm talking about 1000 count superworms on the internet
  2. scott52019

    Cooling system for a jax

    I am trying to get a pair of jacksons chameleons. I know they like it cooler than most because they live in the mountains. My problem is my lizard room gets to be warm (around 80-90 degrees) so I have looked into cooling systems but not having good luck. The repti cooler by zoomed only lowers...
  3. scott52019

    How do you keep plants alive for a panther?

    I have a mister with pothos, spider plant, umbrella and a dracaena but they don’t look so good or dead. How do you water your plants? Do they need plant lights?
  4. scott52019

    Confusion on temps and bulb wattages for panther

    So I have a nearly year old nosy faly panther in the extra large reptibreeze. My reptile room gets pretty warm in the spring/summer (79-81 degrees) so I’m trying to cool it down. I am currently using a 100 watt heat bulb. I am confused with how much heat they need though? Would a 60 watt be ok?
  5. scott52019

    Where do you put the mist nozzle on an XL Reptibreeze?

    I have the XL reptibreeze (24 x 24 x 48) and I’m wondering where people prefer to put their nozzles and why? If you have pictures, that would be great because of my learning disability
  6. scott52019

    Jumbo/giant Jacksons chameleon temperature?

    I’m looking to get a pair of jumbo jacksons chameleons. My reptile room is kind of warm (around 82 degrees). I have been told Jacksons like it cooler but I feel this is bs? Would a pair be ok in a warmer room? Do I need heat?
  7. scott52019

    Screen vs glass and drainage

    I just got a male veiled and pretty soon, I’m gonna need to upgrade him to a bigger cage. I hate reptibreezes but am willing to get one if need be. My questions: 1. What size glass exo terra would be good for an adult? 2. What do your drainage systems look like for screen and/or glass?
  8. scott52019

    Brookesia/pygmy care

    How many inches of hydroballs do I need?
  9. scott52019

    Brookesia/pygmy care

    What species do I want?
  10. scott52019

    Brookesia/pygmy care

    What is ABG substrate? Also where can I get isopods and springtails in really cold weather? Thanks for your feedback!
  11. scott52019

    Brookesia/pygmy care

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for a care sheet on brookesia. I’m not sure which species I want yet but I plan on getting a trio in March. I am gonna use an 18x18x24 exo terra with live plants and isopods. Any suggestions for care?
  12. scott52019

    Drainage in exo terra

    hey everyone, I have a jacksons in an exo terra with a dripper and reptifogger. Problem is I have water buildup at the bottom even though I have a few inches of hydro balls. Any ideas on how I can find a place for the water to go? Thanks in advance
  13. scott52019

    best feeders and where to buy them?

    Where can I find silkworms online?
  14. scott52019

    ficus benjamina?

    Where can I find ficus benjamina online? I want it to be around a foot tall
  15. scott52019

    Who breeds their own feeders

    How do you breed crickets?
  16. scott52019

    you still have silkworms available?

    you still have silkworms available?
  17. scott52019

    Jacksons keeps going to bottom

    This is my setup. I mist him 2-3 times a day and I’ve found poop. I use a 60 watt bulb for heat and I have a leaf dripper. I keep him ina cool basement and the temperature today was 75 degrees ambient. Why does he keep going to the bottom?
  18. scott52019

    jacksons has been at the bottom of his cage

    I modified his cage yesterday and this morning i found him at the bottom. I moved him and a few hours later he went back down. He pooped so I think everything is ok. Should I be worried?
  19. scott52019


    I'm gonna be using a monsoon
  20. scott52019


    What do you guys do for drainage for reptibreezes?
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