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  1. Clayton0520

    Show me those panther chameleons!

    Here is Nelson earlier today
  2. Clayton0520

    What sex is my 4 month old panther chameleon?

    I’m gonna guess female only because she looks identical to my fem when I first got her. I’ll try to dig up some pics of her when she was little so you can see.
  3. Clayton0520

    Habitat deep cleaning questions..

    I put my chams outside on the hibiscus plant when I deep clean their cages. I take everything out and wash it in the sink with dawn dish soap and really hot water. The sides of the cage I wipe down with really diluted bleach water. Once iv have The cage wiped down I turn the mister on for a...
  4. Clayton0520

    Breaking a bad drinking habit

    Same here I’v never seen ether one of my panthers drink, going on 3 years and their cages are in the living room.
  5. Clayton0520

    Repti fogger?

    Iv used them for a couple of years now at night to keep my humidity up, they seem to work fine. I did have one that the “low water” float would stick about every other night and shut off when it had plenty of water in it. Other than that they have worked great for me. I have 2 of them that I...
  6. Clayton0520

    2 clutches hatching today

    I hope the best for you!! Times can get hard but there’s always a sunny day somewhere in the future.
  7. Clayton0520

    Dubia growth

    I feed all my roaches through every stage of their lives with gut load I get from Matt “OMG” Oh My Gutload, it might be a little more price but man ALL of my feeders grow like crazy. I do the same for my banded crickets that I breed and raise.
  8. Clayton0520

    Dubia growth

    It took my Dubai colony about 7 months to really get going but once they did it’s crazy how fast they reproduce!! I started off with 5 adult males, 10 adult females, 50 medium, and 50 smalls. I just put them in a decent size rubbermaid container with some egg crates. I fed them every day and...
  9. Clayton0520

    Buying A Chameleon Online

    Lol I feel you!!!!?
  10. Clayton0520

    Buying A Chameleon Online

    Wud up Becca lol how’s the world treating you these days
  11. Clayton0520

    Buying A Chameleon Online

    I agree with Becca, if the system is crazy that’s a perfect time to get you cage PERFECT for your new little guy or gal. I had my cage complete and “running” for a couple of months before I got Nelson. It was a great way to see exactly how my setup was gonna act with misting and humidity...
  12. Clayton0520

    Buying A Chameleon Online

    I guess I’m out of the loop because I haven’t seen any delays in my shipping of feeders ( with next day delivery)
  13. Clayton0520

    Buying A Chameleon Online

    I would say it depends on where you are buying from, I have bought 2 Chameleons’s online with no problems. I bought a male from Kammerflage Kreations and a beautiful female from Matt Vanilla Gorilla here on the forums. Both were excellent transactions with easy shipping and awesome Chams for me...
  14. Clayton0520


    if your buying crickets in bulk I have learned to buy small and let them grow as I feed them off. If I buy the size crickets my chams eat then they grow old a die before I can feed them all. Also I have had the best luck with banded crickets from Gann’s Crickets they seem to be the hardiest by...
  15. Clayton0520

    I thought I bought calcium without D3..

    That’s hilarious!!!
  16. Clayton0520

    Male or female

    She’s a beautiful little girl congrats.
  17. Clayton0520

    Mimicking a Gradual Sunrise/Sunset with Lighting

    Thanks ?like I said before its WAY over kill but if you can get your hands on the equipment go for it!!! @ PabloTheCham that’s exactly what I do. I have only found non UVB lamps that are dimmable so I dim those and when they are at full power I turn my UVB lamps on. There really isn’t much of a...
  18. Clayton0520

    Mimicking a Gradual Sunrise/Sunset with Lighting

    Yep yep that exactly what I do water/waste water SCADA systems!!! I didn’t figure many people on here would know what I was talking about if I said SCADA system lol
  19. Clayton0520

    Mimicking a Gradual Sunrise/Sunset with Lighting

    Lol the cage on the left is my female not the right!:ROFLMAO:
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