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  1. Tiesto

    Spot the chameleon

    kool vid......spotted the sucker pulling the old guys eyes out....i think i even saw a guy roller skating on a pair of chams.....
  2. Tiesto

    porr little guy

    sheesh, that really sucks!! wonder what happened there....?? looks like he's kind of adapted to having only three legs.....
  3. Tiesto


    he's quite a looker!!! nice array of blues and greens... how old is he?
  4. Tiesto

    Nick's Reptile Room

    awesome collection of reps you got there buddy;) that cage you have in back.....where did u the cage....or did u make it...?
  5. Tiesto

    its over...

    stuey, soo sorry for your loss man!!! may Stuey R.I.P. i do hope you can move forward and get yourself another chameleon to continue Stuey's'll have much better days with another cham in the house .
  6. Tiesto

    My new chameleon

    such a spectacular little guy you got there....makes me want a jacksons more and post more pics if you can jordan.
  7. Tiesto

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    i think it's the other way around....panthers tend to grow much bigger than veileds....then again there could be some veileds that out-grow panthers.
  8. Tiesto


    great looking veiled form what i can see Brad......lets get a full shot of all his greatness....:cool:
  9. Tiesto

    Pics of my reptiles

    WOOOW!!! excellent collection of lizards you have there chamaeleo79 !! such a variety of chams! :cool: a very nice line of genetics you have to work with there.......keep the pics coming...loving it!
  10. Tiesto

    Rekka 1 Year Old Blue Bar Ambilobe

    WoW! great looking blue bar ambilobe you got there my friend......who'd you pick him up from...?? i hope my young ambilobe will aspire to be as beautiful as yours!! :cool:
  11. Tiesto

    My brand new Pygmy Chameleon enclosure!

    Great Pics!! nice looking pygmies you got there binaryterror!! and quite a bountiful group too........there might be a problem with keeping em all in one enclosure, not sure as to pygmies but i know it's not advised to keep chams( panthers/veildeds) together for too long...... but i'm sure...
  12. Tiesto

    My brand new Pygmy Chameleon enclosure!

    nice looking exo-terra set-up you have there binaryterror ... :cool: what size tank did you get? your pigmy will feel right at home once you get him/her settled in post more pics.....;)
  13. Tiesto

    NG Dragons of Namib Video

    Excellent find !!! im showing this vid to all my peeps now!!! they'll all want one for sure! :cool: are there any breeders that would deal with this particular desert dwelling chameleon.....? i guess maybe in south-west africa.....
  14. Tiesto

    Girlfriend got me a veiled cham for xmas

    hey mike, congrats on your new veiled..!!..:) ......looks like we have the exact same enclosure and foam/faux background. do take as many pics as you can for us visual peeps......:cool:
  15. Tiesto

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!! My baby panther has started his first shed since i brought him home.....even he's eager to shed last years skin, and start off the new year with a fresh set of skins.....:cool:
  16. Tiesto

    Twas the night before Christmas...

    hey gordo, i know the feeling man, your new veileds will bring you plenty joy and fulfillment for years to come.....enjoy every moment as they grow soo darn fast....;) and yes , take plenty of picks..... :cool:
  17. Tiesto


    isnt that the only way a chameleon knows how 2 catch it's prey..?? so my guess would be yes.....but, i'm wondering if the frogs skin textur and moisture levels are suitable for a chams tongue to latch on to.....:confused:
  18. Tiesto

    ~ new kid on the block ~

    hey Dave, thanks for the welcome , heres a shout out from kind of remember your description, i was the tall guy with the beanie, patiently waiting for Ed as i pondered my options.....:confused: but as you know now, i left the show with a 2 month old male ambilobe. i...
  19. Tiesto

    Helix at 5 months

    WoW , such colors !!! and for only 5 months.....beautiful panhter my friend.....what did you pay for him at the corral?
  20. Tiesto

    dont no which chameleon to get

    hey inferno, just a quick Q.....why dont you want to "do veileds" ?? but if you want my personal opinion, i would suggest raising Nosey Be's....their awesome panthers and are slowly growing in demand and will soon fetch as much as ambilobes if not already.......but my thing with Nosey's is...
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