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  1. HerpZilla

    Is alumet still in business?

    For those that may not know it is a company that sells screen and window materials. I had a pile of samples years back and their stuff was top notch. I need a ton of house screens, and might as well purchase wholesale to get stock for cages. I called the Washington number with no answer and...
  2. HerpZilla

    Anyone do a chameleon room?

    my fears on a cham room My main fear is the air in a room would become stagnant? I guess I could add some vents? The pro would be, if I do 1 cham, I can make the entire room what they all need for humidity, temps would be ambient with spots. At times like these I wish i designed a ranch...
  3. HerpZilla

    Anyone do a chameleon room?

    I just saw a post with a free roaming melleri setup and it made me think of my friends that have created reptile rooms. Has anyone made a chameleon room geared toward 1 species? Or a couple with similar care? I can already see pros and cons. But maybe someone has worked out the cons I have in my...
  4. HerpZilla

    melleri free range

    That freakin' ROCKS! That really does rock. I cleaned up what I really said :D . If I enjoyed the humidity I would need, I would seriously think about that for my setup.
  5. HerpZilla

    Where does everyone live? Is there a site map?

    I've been on only a few forums on a regular basis, and i remember a map feature (optional) that users could post their locations. I though if I do dive into a cham again, it would be fun to meet up with a few online "chammers". I'm originally from Cleveland and some from that area may...
  6. HerpZilla

    Hi Everyone! I'm new.

    Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lol I would not say that. I was highly disappointed in my baby jackson losses. And just recently I lost my 3 eastern fox snakes for no apparent reason. I have very bad well water I have used for my hognose with no issues. And for jaxs I would be using a...
  7. HerpZilla

    New albino Hognose snake

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Very cool hog.. I have some small normals. Almost all scent feeders. I kinda knew that when I got them though. They may stare at a pink for 30 min, just touch to a bit of unthawed toad mash lol and POW.. Most eat well with a simple 1 second touch. Hogs are so cool...
  8. HerpZilla

    Hi Everyone! I'm new.

    Hay hay I'm new here too. I was never much for these types of forums, but in the few days I have been here I have gathered a lot of information. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Although I have dealt with a ton of herps in my life, I only had one period as an adult with chams, and...
  9. HerpZilla

    Jackson's Chameleon found on Kauai first time

    Jacksons in your back yard!!!! First I am not one for invasive species,, but I would be in Heaven is I could screen off and acre and have Jacksons in there. I would be the old man feeding the lizards on a bench instead of pigeons. We all have our dreams
  10. HerpZilla

    Ficus problems.

    Ficus I had the same issue, and heard locally in Ohio people had the same issue. I just stopped using them,, I thought maybe to much light,, but I never looked into it. But I will add that the greenhouses in my area have always told me, (more about my outdoor plants) success may be related to...
  11. HerpZilla

    T.J.Jacksoni 22 days old and ALL 11 still alive and well !!!

    Oops I forgot. On my tub, I carefully cut out the bottom, and it was supported laterally with branches, to keep its shape. Then i slipped that tub,, with all the fixings into another of the same type. So to clean the bottom, I just removed the inner tub, with all the fixings and the babies and...
  12. HerpZilla

    T.J.Jacksoni 22 days old and ALL 11 still alive and well !!!

    Wow Simply amazing. I had a setup like that, and did not fair well, My best baby setup was a schefflera crammed into a 12" wide scales cage with lots of drips, and wingless and WINGED fruit flies. It really kept teh humidity high. major congrats.
  13. HerpZilla

    Looking to get back into breeding,, maybe carpet chams. Need info.

    Excellent article That was one of the most thorough articles I have read on chams. Most seem to skip specific information to talk about general information. They are a cool little cham I have just recently discovered. Many thanks for the article. Tom
  14. HerpZilla

    Laying Bin Set Up - Educational Video

    Outstanding. It really is an outstanding video. Perfect fast forward part too. The only thing I could think to add is a central location for videos. Basic to advance. One look at a cage setup is so much easier for someone knew to reading a few paragraphs. When I was helping at a friends...
  15. HerpZilla

    My Female NosyBe Is Such a Chicken

    Chicken Chams I know nothing of panthers, but I had Jackson that would walk right up to me, then others that would hide. I presume a bit like people, they can all be different. I'm not sure this is true. But chameleons seen smarter than other reptiles. They seem to sit and think, where as...
  16. HerpZilla

    Looking to get back into breeding,, maybe carpet chams. Need info.

    By the way Those were both alive and did well. Live birth was so cool to watch.
  17. HerpZilla

    First unexpected death

    I think we all know the feeling. Not much to say but it does happen. I can't remember the term or phrase, but most reptiles use all their energy to look healthy even if they are not. If they looked bad they would become easier prey. So they use all they have to look well. If someone knows...
  18. HerpZilla

    Looking to get back into breeding,, maybe carpet chams. Need info.

    Hay everyone,, I bred some Jacksons back in 2001.It took me a while to work out my methods with the babies. But once i raised the humidity i was doing as well can be expected with jax. So, I'm currently looking at 4 diff species of chams. I will select 1 and only 1 to start. Jacksons, veils...
  19. HerpZilla

    Why is he black?

    Black chams Besides what you already know, is their a chance your cham is seeing himself in something in the room? I remember I had my large female jax cage next to my males cage and they could not see each other in that setup. then something was in the room they saw the male and were all...
  20. HerpZilla

    my intro

    macaws I have a blue and gold and a green winged. the GW is just funny with his vocals.Only reason i need to sell is i want my birds upstairs with me, and my tiny house does not ahve room. VERY bad back and need 2 knee surgeries. So stairs kill me. Although,, I vision cham cages in the...
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