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  1. kelzi

    toilet matters lol

    I have to say those are some pretty gross pictures lol! I didn't think I'd ever see chameleon poo or pee that close up in my life! and apparently there's a first for everything!
  2. kelzi

    dark Cham

    my cham is a dark brown when he is on the branches in his cage that have no green around them. Also, he is brown when he is too cold, or dehydrated. And when he is drinking, eating, or sleeping --> actually just happy all together, he turns a really bright green. So, majority of the time I...
  3. kelzi

    to handle or not to handle?

    I used to handle my veiled cham alot, like walking around with him attached to me while being around my family then he would just reach out and grab onto someone else and hang onto them for a while, we were all just mobile trees for him lol. But as he got older he didn't really want to be...
  4. kelzi

    not doing well!...

    thankyou everyone for you suggestions. to answer a few questions; he is 5 years old, the drip system is a bucket that is filled 3 times a day that drips every two seconds out of 3 holes onto plants and into a fountain that he used to drink out of, but I thought with the age he may not have the...
  5. kelzi

    not doing well!...

    well, as some of you know I recently had problem with dehydration with my 5 year old male veiled, and I figured he was doing much better. Well... he hasn't eaten in 9 days, which is really off from his regular eating schedule. As well, I've noticed that he's not drinking very much either. I...
  6. How Can You Not Love This Face?!?!?

    How Can You Not Love This Face?!?!?

  7. kelzi

    What are your chameleons names?

    lol MOJO is my dog's name
  8. kelzi

    What are your chameleons names?

    mine guys name is Igor --> "eye-gore" and apparently I'm not the only one who has chosen that name lol
  9. kelzi

    kind of an odd question...

    has anyone's cham ever tried to eat them? ok that sounded bad but I'll explain: my boyfriend hates my cham, never really liked him at all, but now that we live together I told him to get used to it. So I got him to put his hand in the cage and let him walk on it. Well for the first time ever...
  10. kelzi

    question about caging

    I was always told that chameleons shouldn't get direct sunlight through glass, meaning don't put their cage right infront of a window. I understand the reasoning with the whole amount of UV light and all with having bulbs and then the actual sun. The reason I bring this up is because I am moving...
  11. kelzi

    Comment by 'kelzi' in media 'Grmphh'

    my guy is grumpy all the time too...
  12. kelzi

    Comment by 'kelzi' in media 'Cham Kisses'

    wow that's brave! my cham is so moody he'd never let me get that close, and I wouldn't dare get that close!!! he's my grumpy old man.
  13. Igor 2

    Igor 2

  14. Igor's home

    Igor's home

  15. Member Album by kelzi

    Member Album by kelzi

  16. Igor


  17. kelzi

    not alot of movement...

    much better!!! seems that the problems was dehydration. Not sure if it was because he was getting older that he didn't like to go down to the bottom of his cage for water, but I set up a drip-system that he can reach from the middle of his cage. Its realy helped alot, in just a few days he's...
  18. kelzi

    not alot of movement...

    my vieled cham is 5 years old now and in the last few weeks I've noticed a huge drop in activity in him... still eating when I give him food, but tends to stay down near the bottom of his cage (2'X2'X4')... not sure why he's doing this, guy at pet store says it may be lack of water or old age...
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