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  1. Henry66

    What age chameleon should i get?

    I would get a baby. Personally the experience of seeing how your chameleon grows up, and how his colors develop is a great. :D
  2. Henry66

    Introducing Kaiju

    Glad the trip home was safe. Take good care of him for me :D
  3. Henry66

    Panther with complete setup $600 (Pick up only Chicago area)

    Moving soon and I can't take him with me :(. Looking for $600 in cash. Pick up only in Chicago area. Contact me for more information about location. Sire is Arak'Taral from Kammerflage Kreations, but he doesn't seem to be on the sight anymore. Contact information: Henry Ly 1(832)628-8862...
  4. Henry66

    First time chamaleon owner, looking for feedback and advice

    Im not a Jacksons owner, but I think adding a little more foliage and some higher vertical branches would make the setup a lot more enjoyable for him and you :D. What are his temps and how close are the branches to his uvb light
  5. Henry66

    House fly

    Umm Are those are maggots probably from the mother fly. If those flies are just being caught from outside or your house thats really unsafe unless youre sure where they are from.
  6. Henry66

    who's panthers enjoy eating plants.

    Im gonna try to feed my Panther tomorrow see if he eats fruits or veggies :D
  7. Henry66

    So I emailed Petsmart today...

    Its a lose lose. Protecting them is also hurting them :(
  8. Henry66

    Mail Order Crickets

    I also use Ghann's for crickets. Havent had a problem so far :D
  9. Henry66

    Haven't seen her eat

    add some more vertical branches closer to the top of the enclosure. I am pretty sure Jacksons like it cooler so make sure shes got the correct temps and all that for her. Just check Jacksons care sheet on the forum and see if your enclosure meets the requirements :)...
  10. Henry66

    Little dude needs a home

    Wow a manager said that? That is awful :(
  11. Henry66

    Haven't seen her eat

    Can she reach her uvb and basking light?
  12. Henry66

    Haven't seen her eat

    Post some pictures of her and her setup. How old is she?
  13. Henry66

    Chameleon eating paper towels?

    Yea remove everything from the bottom and feed him 10-15 crickets since hes growing
  14. Henry66

    Reptisun 10.0 ok?

    Yea I was talking about the tube type and thanks for help.:D
  15. Henry66

    Reptisun 10.0 ok?

    Hi CF, I accidentally bought a reptisun 10.0. Is it safe if I use that?
  16. Henry66

    Enclosure in the wall.

    That enclosure is amazing :D:D:D:D:D
  17. Henry66

    My Panther breeding room

    Where do you get those branch things? They look awesome :)
  18. Henry66

    Chameleon noob help Read up
  19. Henry66

    Chameleon set up, thoughts?

    Should add an umbrella plant or Ficus right in the middle. It would add lots of foliage :D
  20. Henry66

    Aquazamp Stop

    You are a life saver thank you so much:)
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