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  1. Nads

    Monty just threw up

    Tiff,my thoughts are with you and Monty, I didn't know he was unwell, these adorable little creatures are such a worry :( I will keep everything crossed. xx
  2. Nads

    January 2014 Photo Contest

    Yaaaaay! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my little Drago :D
  3. Nads

    A perfect pair

    Thanks for the lovely comments <3 these guys:D
  4. Nads

    A perfect pair

    I've now had my Quads 4 months and they are just so adorable. I'm just loving these little beauty's Apologies if these pic's come out massive :eek:
  5. "please Sir May I Have Some More"

    "please Sir May I Have Some More"

    Young male Quad
  6. Peek-a-boo


    Melman enjoying the sun
  7. Nads

    We actually had sun!!!

    Sorry guys,i really don't know why my photo's are sooooo big:confused:
  8. Nads

    We actually had sun!!!

    Gunther just loving some natural uv Vicky:D
  9. Tickle Please!

    Tickle Please!

  10. Little Cutie

    Little Cutie

    Ursula having a drink
  11. Nads

    He's got the look!!

    Thank you:) He just over 10 months.Still pretty small,but a huge attitude;)
  12. Nads

    He's got the look!!

    This young lad is not a happy boy:eek: He's pretty nasty tbh,luckily he's a stunner;) Vicky
  13. Nads

    Jackson's Chameleon Pics!

    This is my little boy "Gunther"he is just the sweetest.Looking a little dusty in this pic,as going into shed:) And this is "Ursula"my "sub"adult female,she's adorable <3 Vicky Ooops,sorry about the pic's being SO big :/
  14. Nads

    Jan 2013 contest question

    Yes thanks mate,all done;) x
  15. Nom,nom's


    Boo having a munch
  16. Nads

    Jan 2013 contest question

    Thanks Tiff:D I'll have a look.You are on a roooollllll with the gorgeous Monty <3 xx
  17. Nads

    Jan 2013 contest question

    Hi, I can't see where to enter my photo? I went into "Jan 2013 contest" and can't see where to upload a photo:confused: Am i just being a know what:eek: Many thanks in advance, Vicky
  18. Going Green!

    Going Green!

    Melman taking a stroll
  19. Nads

    Post your Ambilobe Here!

    This is "Boo" showing off!! Vicky
  20. RSCN1516


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