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  1. suzi

    Help...Using vermiculite & perilte

    I have had a lot of success using just vermiculite, we t it until you can squeeze a fist full and just a few drops come out
  2. suzi

    Keeping crickets alive?

    You an get vermiculite at home depot or any garden center or feed store, with proper container and ventilation paper towel works fine though, it takes a cricket 6 weeks to reach full grown, that is there life span
  3. suzi

    Keeping crickets alive?

    That box is not sufficient for long term, the most successful method that has worked for me is using a decent sized plastic container with lid with cut out screen windows for proper ventilation, and as others have mentioned, keeping it clean with fresh food and either paper towels lined at the...
  4. suzi

    Can anyone help me figuring out how old Daisy is?

    I would guess about 4 months old
  5. suzi

    Help, Gravid or just stressed?

    she looks gravid, does she currently have access to the trash can bin? And yes I would cover the cage for privacy
  6. suzi

    Keeping crickets alive?

    make sure your container has plenty of ventilation, cut out the sides and hot glue metal screen. Don't use fiberglass mesh they can eat through that, also lining the bottom with paper towel helps absorb some moisture, and they eat a lot so be ready to order more soon :D
  7. suzi


    he's beautiful :) And your secret is safe with me lol
  8. suzi

    help buying crickets and superworms
  9. suzi

    My Babies Are 7 Months Old Now

    I just love your photography Jann, you always take such great pics. They are all so beautiful :)
  10. suzi

    With great sadness.

    My Condolences Steve. My thoughts are with you both. :( He was beautiful.
  11. suzi

    Female Panther - Gravid for 25+ days???

    It is very common for them to stop eating right before they lay. If you haven't already, you may want to cover her cage so she has complete privacy,
  12. suzi

    Sadie Has Left Me Way To Soon

    I am so terribly sorry for your loss Jann, I know how much she meant to you. You are both in my thoughts and prayers
  13. suzi


    he's beautiful.
  14. suzi

    Happy Birthday Jannb!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jann :D
  15. suzi

    BIG NEWS! Parsonii hatched!

    Well done Chuck!!!! That is so AWESOME :D I am super stoked for you! What an amazing accomplishment!
  16. suzi

    Baby quads are here

    wahoooooooooooooo! Congratulations Laurie! They are soooo adorible :D
  17. suzi

    Fluffy has passed on. :(

    so sorry Lynda :( RIP Fluffy
  18. suzi

    Cooper (Parsonii) and Sage (Veiled) Baby Pictures

    Oh Jann! They are so beautiful! I haven't been around much lately and had no idea you had a baby parsonii!! I am so very happy for you!:D They are both just the cutest little things!
  19. suzi

    Bad photos of nice Nosy Faly Babies

    Oh Rob! Congratulations! They are Awesome!! :) Great job! I may end up having to get one!!!!!!:D
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