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  1. SamW

    Electronic Infrared Thermometer

    Hey all, I'm looking to purchase an electronic infrared thermometer, something I should have gotten by now. I know that my local pet shop offers a few cheap ones, I believed manufactured by Zoodmed and others. Will these suffice my needs, or do I need to step it up to a commercial grade...
  2. SamW

    Casque Burn

    Hey all, I took Samir to the Vet's right before Christmas. He had a supposed RI and a burned casque, which was quite obvious. He would always put his casque against the top of the screen and eventually it was burnt. He his now unable to do so and has a different setup. I may include pictures...
  3. SamW

    Hand Warmers for Transporting?

    Hey all, I'm concerned about the temperatures for travel today. It's cold here and I'll be blasting heat in my vehicle -is it safe to throw in a couple hand warmers into the travel box? They'd be underneath and behind some artificial shrubbery. My main concern is any gases/fumes that may be...
  4. SamW

    Wednesday's Vet Appt

    Hey all, Samir an I are making a trip to his first medical appoint, I've mentioned before that I believe he has a respiratory infection. i thought I would look here for a little advice/foresight for what's to expect Wednesday (i.e. pricing, procedure, etc.), as the receptionist wasn't able to...
  5. SamW

    Optimal Setup?

    What size and type of lights would be optimal for a teenage male veiled cham? He lives in a screened 48"H x 24"W x 24"D. He's been having some skin/shedding issues around his yellow stripes and has also shown some signs of a URI (I'm getting this treated soon, anyone have any estimates on...
  6. SamW

    Is My Guy Sick?

    So, It's that time of year. I haven't been sick in ages, but I think my veiled male might have caught a cold? He seems to be okay; he is active, he eats, and looks handsome as usual. Although, when he exhales through his nostrils (either out of frustration or I guess just because..) he sounds...
  7. SamW

    A Real Treat

    So.. I was wondering, what's a REAL treat for my veiled chameleon? He regularly eats crickets, meal and wax worms, some fruit, solemnly red peppers and zucchini, and hopefully soon some other vegetables: kale, mustard greens, and sweet potatoes, but I am wondering what is the ultimate treat...
  8. SamW

    Constant Peeling / Escape

    Hey all, So lately my almost 2 year old veiled male has constantly had some peeled skin (specifically around his 'yellow stripes') and it will not go away. I understand that shedding is a determinant of health quality (in relation to diet, lighting, hydration, etc.), but I believe that he has...
  9. SamW

    Hibiscus Fertlizer

    Is there ANY fertilizers that I can safely use for my plants? Really just need it for hibiscus.. I've asked before, but didn't get much feedback. Sam
  10. SamW

    Caring for my plants

    Hey all, So I'm about to place my new pothos and hibiscus in my guy's cage. I've been reading that hibiscus need fertilizer weekly to thrive. I would like to think that all of the plants would grow better with fertilizer as well. Are there any fertilizers that are safe to use? Any natural...
  11. SamW

    Repashy Calcium Plus

    How long would a 4oz container last? I only have one young adult male veiled cham. The savings for the 64 oz container are incredible, will I be buying too much if I get 64? Sam
  12. SamW

    Please Help

    I have been reading lately that chameleons don't need as much light as other reptiles. However, my guy's cage is in a darker corner of the room and receives minimal natural light. This is a link to the light I currently am using on my 48x24x24 cage...
  13. SamW


    I have been reading lately that chameleons don't need as much light as other reptiles. However, my guy's cage is in a darker corner of the room and receives minimal natural light. This is a link to the light I currently am using on my 48x24x24 cage...
  14. SamW

    Repashy Calcium Plus

    Hello, I was wondering if this is the right product that I need to dust my crickets (daily) for my veiled chameleon. Here is a link.. Also, I have been told to use this twice a month...
  15. SamW

    Taking Veiled Outside

    Today is really nice out and fairly warm. I decided to take my guy outside to get some natural rays and he kind of freaked out. He got kind of low and his shape changed to a slightly abnormal figure. He also became very brown. I feel as if it may have been a natural reaction to receiving so much...
  16. SamW

    Supplement Help

    Hey All, As usual, I am here to post a quick post for quick answers. I see that supplementing the chams is controversial. Ive been using Repotcal, with calcium and D3. Is this all I need? If not, what else? If you could also provide dosage information (I know its just a "sprinkle" but...
  17. SamW

    Using New Live Plants From NURSERY

    Hey Everyone, I am waiting on my DIY cage and am in the process of selecting the new, live plants that I will put into it. I have chosen to use plants from the 'safe plants list' (pothos, etc.) and was wondering about the plants fertilizer qualities and its' soil. At first, I thought that...
  18. SamW

    Periodical Update

    Hey Everyone, It has been too long since I have visited the forum. Unfortunately I still have yet to post pictures; I have been waiting for my new camera purchase. Some may consider this thread material for the enclosures category, but I wanted it to be viewed by many. First, I want to...
  19. SamW

    Traveling Home for Samir's First Thanksgiving

    Hey all, I am a student in Bloomington, Indiana and will be traveling four hours north for the holiday break. I plan on taking my chameleon. As of now, I have only thought to consider loading him in the car last and make sure to watch is temps and try to control it as much as possible...
  20. SamW

    The horn and toes of my veiled Cham

    Keeping this simple, What is there to know about my veiled chameleons shark fin? Also, has anyone ever noticed (sure many have) that they have two toes on the outside of his front legs and has three on their inside? In the back, he has the opposite..this was an exciting discovery when I found...
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