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  1. KeopiCat

    Fresh Branches?

    Hi all, There are a good amount of chameleon safe trees around me, so instead of purchasing branches I was hoping I could use local ones. The issue is, there aren't a lot of dead branches. Is there an issue with cutting fresh branches, cleaning them off, and using them? I've seen some people...
  2. KeopiCat

    All Screen or Some Clear Sides?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my male veiled's cage from a screen 2x2x4 to a 2x4x4. I've decided to go the route of buying one from DragonStrand, because I'm really not handy enough to do it myself. I was looking for advice as to whether it would make more sense for me to go with the model that...
  3. KeopiCat

    Room Paint

    I'm planning on painting my room soon, which is also the room that Mondo lives in. I'm assuming that the paint fumes wouldn't be good for him so I was thinking I would move him out of my room. Am I right in thinking this (or would moving him temporarily cause more harm than good)? If/when I do...
  4. KeopiCat


    How often should an adult male veiled chameleon be going to the bathroom? Mondo is at least 2 years old and I've had him for about 16 months. When I first got him he would go to the bathroom at least once/twice a week, but I've noticed his bowels have slowed down significantly as of late. He...
  5. KeopiCat

    'Tis the Season

    Warm Wishes, Keopi and Mondo
  6. KeopiCat

    Chameleon Charities

    Hello Everyone, Hope you and your chameleons are all well. I was wondering if anyone knew of charities that are more specific to conservation and protection of chameleons in the wild. I'm aware that WWF does conservation work in Madagascar, but if I could find something that deals even more...
  7. KeopiCat

    Yawn or Defense?

    Hello, Recently on occasion I've noticed that Mondo, my ~2 year male veiled chameleon, has been doing something that to me, looks a lot like a yawn. He opens his mouth very wide and then closes it in a matter of seconds. Afterwards he is a little puffed up, but it's different from when he gapes...
  8. KeopiCat


    Greeting Chameleon Lovers, I've kinda disappeared these past few months, and I wanted to kinda worm my way back into the community, so I thought what better way to do that than to discuss the good stuff: the affection we have for out chameleons. When I first adopt a pet I call it by its given...
  9. KeopiCat

    Coccidia and Medication

    Hello everyone, I hope you and your chameleons are well. Mondo recently went to the vet and as far as how he looks and acts, the vet said he was looking good. However, I also had a fecal sample sent in and it turns out Mondo has an excess of Coccidia in his gut, which may be contributing to...
  10. KeopiCat

    Liquid Urate?

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Chameleo Calyptratus, approx. 1 year old, male. In my care since September Handling - About 2-3 times a week, usually exclusively for transport to the shower. Feeding - Mondo currently eats silkworms, hornworms, and crickets. About 12 feeders everyday, mixed...
  11. KeopiCat

    Misting Schedule

    Hello, I hope you and your chams are all well! Recently I've been looking at some of the forum member's misting schedules and they don't match up with mine. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right, I don't want dehydration nor risk of a respiratory issue. I have a year(ish) old...
  12. KeopiCat

    Where are the Ankaramy Panthers?

    I've been looking online on sites that breed chameleons, but I cannot find anyone who breeds Ankaramys anymore. I've heard they used to be much more popular, what happened?
  13. KeopiCat

    Hardest... not Hardiest

    Hello there, I hope everyone and their chameleons are well! Today, I have a question that is no more than curiosity: Everyone is always discussing how Veiled and Panther chameleons are the best started chameleons as their needs are easier to meet. However, what was the most difficult and...
  14. KeopiCat


    Mondo is taking a shower and all of a sudden what looked to be a red poop started hanging out of his bottom. It's not going back in. Is this safe? Are these his genitals? Please answer asap, I'm scared!
  15. KeopiCat


    Hello everyone, I hope you and your chams are all well! Recently I've come to the conclusion that I am in dire need of a functioning drainage system. Clean up is just messy, and I'm worried about puddles on the bottom of the cage. So, I need advice. How would you recommend I set up a drainage...
  16. KeopiCat


    This afternoon when I went to mist Mondo's cage he walked out of the cage onto my arm. I know it's not much compared to other photos on this site, but I think this is the best photo I've got of him so far and I'm a proud mom!
  17. KeopiCat

    Dubia Size

    Hello everyone, I hope you and your chams are all well! I was wondering what size dubias would be appropriate for my boy, Mondo. I don't want him to have a risk of him choking, but at the same time I don't want to be feeding him something too tiny. According to responses on a previous post I...
  18. KeopiCat


    Hello there, I hope you and your chams are all well! Recently I've been trying to fill up the empty space in Mondo's cage. One of his plants is dying and I need to fill the gaps where leaves used to be until I can order a ficus that will fit in his Reptibreeze. I've been buying things here and...
  19. KeopiCat

    Guesses on Age?

    Hello There, I hope you and your chameleons are all well! So, it's been a month (give or take) since I've adopted my first chameleon: a male veiled named Mondo. Frankly, I have no idea how old he is because of where I adopted him (pet store) and my general lack of experience. I would greatly...
  20. KeopiCat


    Hello everyone, I hope you and your chameleons are all well! Recently I've noticed that my veiled chameleon is making these strange noises. He seems to be hissing, or (to better describe it) it's like he's exhaling. He started with these sounds about a week (maybe a little less) and the sound...
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