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  1. Theveiled

    Lets see your dart frogs!

    I have found that many people who keep chameleons also keep dart frogs. This is my little leuc, I've had it for about 6 months, about 8 months oow in total. Not completely sure about gender yet. At first I was a little unsure about keeping a strictly view only animal, but I soon got sucked into...
  2. Theveiled

    Baja/cape gopher snakes

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever kept baja/cape gophers. I have found that they are not very common in the pet trade and care info is very thin. I would love to discuss with others their techniques of care for these snakes to try to improve mine! I have yet to find anyone else who has...
  3. Theveiled

    how to say gracilior

    I realized today I have no idea how to say it?!?! how do you guys say it?
  4. Theveiled

    I Finally Did it!

    I finally ordered my mistking today! I'm really excited:LOL:
  5. Theveiled

    One year!!

    Today is one year with Stark! Hes changed so much:p He has also completely changed my life. Without him I would not be as crazy about chameleons! Here is a collage I put together
  6. Theveiled

    My b-day cake

    I asked for a chameleon cake for my birthday and this is what I got. I told my mom I cant eat it because it would be like eating Stark:ROFLMAO:
  7. Theveiled

    Quad and gracilior care sheet

    First question. Do quads and graciliors have simmilar care? I am trying to decide which species I would like next and sadly can only pick one. These two are my favorite and learning their care can help me choose which species will be better in my care. So now Im wondering if there are any care...
  8. Theveiled

    Right amount of food?

    Im just wondering if I'm feeding Stark the appropriate amount. He gets fed about every other day He usually eats: 6 crickets 2 superworms 5-10 SMALL dubia every other feeding Every week some sfl but I ran out a few weeks ago The occasional waxworm The expo is also Friday so im hoping to get...
  9. Theveiled

    Colors that chameleons hate

    Hey everyone! I want to start a research paper on chameleon reactions to colors and why they do what they do and was trying to create a list of the most common colors chams dont like. I know 2 are black and red but are there any others that you guys know of? Im going to test with a variety if...
  10. Theveiled

    My zoo!

    These are some of my other pets, Simba, Hermione and Phoebe the cats. Rose and George the leopard geckos. Netro the northern brown snake. My goldies wild bettas killies Not pictured "petstore" bettas 5 gallon tropical community 55 gallon tropical community stewart the albino corn hermit crabs...
  11. Theveiled

    Whats the difference between t.q gracilior and t.q Quadricornis?

    Are they 2 diffrent species? Or just 2 diffrent names for 1 species? I have been trying to figure this out for awhile but am still confused.
  12. Theveiled

    Starks progress

    I decided to create a thread for pictures of Stark. I have had Stark for 9 months now and as I look back I see how much me has changed. I think the only things I would have changed when I got him was 1. Lowered the branch so he did not get the burn on his casque (thats why it looks different)...
  13. Theveiled

    Chameleon family!

    I love this forum so much and Iove all the great members in it also. I think one of the best decisions in my life so far was to join this forum. I have learned so much and have been able to share my knowledge with other chameleon lovers. I consider this forum one big chameleon family! This forum...
  14. Theveiled

    Is this poopish thing okay? Little worried

    Hey everyone! So while misting Stark this morning I noticed this "thing" on one of his branches. It looks like it has some blood. I checked his poop but there was no blood in it. Im just wondering what it is and if its normal as I have neever seen somthing like it before. Im going to keep watch...
  15. Theveiled


    So Starks toe nail came off and a member told me not to use a petroleum based antibiotic cream. All the stores have around here is polysporin with a petroleum base. Will this work? Its just for his toe so I do not think he would eat it. I searched on some threads and some people used polysporin...
  16. Theveiled

    Pulled out toe nail, should I be worried?

    I noticed this morning while holding Stark that one of his toe nails on his front right foot is gone completely. There is a small hole where I assume it was. The toe nail there was longer because I think it may have gotten pulled another time on the screen. Should I clean it? Could it possibly...
  17. Theveiled

    Could there be a connection?

    Ok guys, so about almost 2 weeks ago I got an injured quail and a few days later a hatchling. Most of my time has been caught up in rehabilitating the injured quail and being a mother quail to the baby who is not attached to other quail but humans. Durring this time I have not had as much time...
  18. Theveiled

    Breeding petstore chams

    I saw on YouTube someone who thought they had a male cham but it ended up being female. Now he says he HAS to breed her because it helps them lay eggs better. I asked where he got the cham from and if he was going to hatch them. He said the female was from petsmart and he was going to hatch the...
  19. Theveiled

    Mistking setups!!!

    Hey everyone! so I am planning on getting a mistking but still have some questions. first do you need a bucket for the water? and how do you set that up? Is there anything I need to buy that dosent come in the setup? I was also thinking you guys could post pictures of how yours is set up and...
  20. Theveiled

    fish people?

    Any people here that like or have fish? I have a 55 gallon tropical semi aggressive, 10 gallon wild betta, 10 gallon killifish, 5 gallon with veil tail betta with 3 guppies, school of mosquito fish, 3 2.5 gallon betta tanks and a 30 gallon goldfish. I breed my killies also and currently have 14...
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