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  1. titan501x

    Veiled Chameleon not laying eggs.

    my veiled dug her tunnel and laid her eggs in a 10 hour period. and i thought that was a long time! why didn't it take her a week to dig a tunnel and lay eggs like the other chams on here?
  2. titan501x

    baby pardalis (nosy mitsio) with 'horn'

    thats amazing looking!!!!! is it possible that it would have horned offspring like itself?
  3. titan501x

    yemen curtains

    it really depends on the personality of the chameleon.
  4. titan501x

    yemen curtains

    i let my veiled out all the time, i just open the doors to her enclosure and she strolls out and goes to her favorite perch. but to get her back in i have to pick her up and place her inside.
  5. titan501x

    Crickets breeding instead of buying???

    i am interested in trying something other than crickets for a staple food. But i need to feed a leopard gecko, 2 red eye tree frogs, and a common snapping turtle and of corse my veiled chameleon. so i need something that is simple to take care of and to feed out, and that is small enough for the...
  6. titan501x

    Vieled moprhs?

    i would buy those! those have some pretty cool patterns!
  7. titan501x

    new enclosure(pics included)

    no, its not been treated, i'm planing on painting it with latex paint this weekend.
  8. titan501x

    new enclosure(pics included)

    acually, the bottom is made of dricore floor things( its made of a single tile 24" by 24", and it is on tracks so it slides right out for easy cleaning. I'll get some pics posted soon. i'm planing on getting some more plants today, maybe some hanging vining...
  9. titan501x

    new enclosure(pics included)

    well, i don't really have a drainage system, i don't need it right now, i can mist quite abit and not have to worry about water getting on my floor.
  10. titan501x

    new enclosure(pics included)

    thanks! yea, filling it with plants is gonna be kinda expensive, but, hopefully not, i'm going to home depot today to return some wood i didn't use and get some plants. I've got some pothos cuttings in the bottom of the enclosure(you can see them in the picture) that i hope will help fill in the...
  11. titan501x

    new enclosure(pics included)

    heres my new enclosure that i built over the weekend.
  12. titan501x

    My little buddy Cheech

    great pictures!
  13. titan501x

    zilla gut load question

    hvae you ever had the commercial stuff? it tastes like water!
  14. titan501x

    One sexy super ...

    wow! great shot!
  15. titan501x

    They grow up soo fast

    well, when i turn 18, me and a group of friends are going to a rainforest someplace.
  16. titan501x

    They grow up soo fast

    yea, thats what i've heard, although i see mine jumping around his viv alot. i'd like to get some pumilio, but they are just way too expensive. so far the cheapest price i've seen for one is $120. Your really lucky, you can go into your backyard and see all those colorful animals and plants...
  17. titan501x

    They grow up soo fast

    If only humans grew that fast......
  18. titan501x

    They grow up soo fast

    Here are some pictures of when i first got her. Here are some pictures that i took today. If you have Pictures of your cham like this, please post them!
  19. titan501x

    Chameleon Run

    Go for it!
  20. titan501x

    Burned skin?

    i had that happen to my cham, it went away within a couple of days, no damage, no nothin.
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