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    Shedding Questions

    Just let it fall off naturally.
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    Veiled chameleon closed eye

    When posting a reply, there is a paper clip button (attachments), and you click on it and upload your pictures from your computer.
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    Why does he do this???

    Most chameleons go to the bottom of the cage to cool off, since its too hot near the light. Some just enjoy sleeping in that area of the cage
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    veiled chameleon tongue

    Maybe this would help? Does it look something like that?
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    Silvadene cream?

    Would you able to get silvadene cream without a prescription?
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    Chameleon has black skins and transparent bumps

    Help! My chameleon has blackish skin and yellowish see through bumps near her spine/ spikes
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    Chameleon Hallucinating

    My chameleon keeps on randomly aiming her tongue in the air and theres not even any crickets or anything she does it like 30 times a day.
  8. Jared


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    Guess the Egg Count! FROST!!!!!!

    I think its gonna be 21.:D:)
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    Finished Beauty!

    Great cage! Must have taken you a long time and a lot of effort to build!:):D:):D I wish it was mine :( Those lucky chameleons. BTW those chameleons are beauties. I wish I had them too.
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    Hunger strike!!!

    Just keep on offering it crickets, this happened to me but I fixed it. Is she/he shedding? Because when they're shedding they tend to have less appetite.
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    is this....POOP ? or some odd slug

    Maybe it is a sperm plug.
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    is this....POOP ? or some odd slug

    It doesn't look like urate or an egg so I'm not sure what it is but I'm pretty sure it isn't urate or an egg.
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    Calcium dosege

    What I do is I give it calcium without D3 almost every feeding, and twice a month I will give it Herptivite, and then also calcium with D3 is twice a month.
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    Chameleon in Sun?

    As soon as my chameleon touches the sun's rays it changes to a very dark color. Is this natural?
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    Photo Contest

    My cousins drew 2 pictures of chameleons. Which one is better?
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    Anyone know a good vet?

    Anyone know a good vet around El Paso?
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    New to Chameleons need advice on choosing

    This video tells you all you could know about breeding Dubia roaches.
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    Looking to breed my female chameleon.

    I have a female veiled chameleon and I live in El Paso, Texas I'm looking to breed it it's 6 months old it's probably not old enough but I'm gonna start looking.
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