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    minor cage problem

    I would assume it would be so that your chameleon can regulate its temperature and UVB requirements separately, and not have to over heat trying to get UVB exposure?
  2. TreeTopChameleons

    panther chameleon eggs denting

    usually dented eggs at that stage of incubation is a result of them being slightly dehydrated, or nearly hatch time...tho 6 months is a bit early....check your humidity again, dont rely on just one read out, whatever your measuring with could be off. good luck :)
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    Conjoined egg

    why would it be inhumane to allow the egg to hatch? a conjoined egg does not mean that the babies will also be conjoined. judging be the yellow that has already started to appear, I would bet the eggs will mold over before going to term anyways.
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    How should I build apollos new cage!?

    You definitely want to avoid incest getting out into the neighborhood...would really raise some eyebrows! On a serious note, I would skip the plexi glass idea and just do screen, additionally I would add a screen panel to the 2 sides of your cabinet as well. It is so enclosed you will not...
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    looks like vermiculite to me, maybe some potting soil added to it.... edit* scratch the potting soil, pretty certain its just 100% vermiculite
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    Incubating for 9 months

    those eggs kinda look empty to me to be honest. have you noticed them getting any larger since they were laid? healthy eggs should progressively get larger as they get closer to their hatch date. personally i dont candle eggs, but at this stage I would think you wouldnt see veins any longer...
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    Panther brown and black more than colored

    Have you considered that "he" is possibly a "she"? That might explain the colors you are seeing?
  8. TreeTopChameleons

    NosyBe's just Mated

    Just a word of caution, do not leave them unattended for 5 minutes. There is really no need to completely cover them and leave the room. Sit quietly within sight of your cage to observe them, it only takes seconds for something bad or unexpected to happen. You need to watch them closely to...
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    Zeke & Cami: Egg UPDATE

    I am a little bit confused. How could you have bought your two chameleons 3 months apart when they were both the same age ( 2 months old) but claim now that one of them is nearly twice the age as the other one? Female chameleon purchased at 2 months of age, three months later a male is...
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    My Panther Chameleon's eggs are strange ?!

    The problem Jian, is that the eggs were not fertile when they were laid, therefor there was likely nothing wrong with your incubation method, just a bad batch of eggs. Good luck next time!
  11. TreeTopChameleons

    My Panther Chameleon's eggs are strange ?!

    Hey Jian, those eggs are definitely not fertile. Fertile panther eggs are very similar to fertile veiled eggs. White, plump eggs, those look like they have begun to collapse and mold over. EDIT: I just noticed, possibly what I assumed was mold was just staining on the eggs from the substrate...
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    mist system?

    A little off topic, but your chameleon would probably a little more content if there was any way you could lift his cage a couple feet off the floor. For one, they feel more secure higher up, and secondly, there is usually a bit of a draft along the floor. ( I'm not implying your chameleon is...
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    Who else bought a generator?

    Thats what I call dedication! You have my respect!
  14. TreeTopChameleons

    Sambava eggs

    They'll mold over a lot sooner than a few months if they aren't fertile. Just candle them and look for veins.
  15. TreeTopChameleons

    A couple ideas! Please read

    I agree Saint Jimmy, it is easy to modify the bird cage, but to modify it so it looks nicer than having plastic covering the sides is a little more tricky...i know some people have used plexi glass to cover the sides, gives it a bit more of a finished look than loose plastic.
  16. TreeTopChameleons

    Breeding age and weight is ok ?

    2 months may not be long enough to get your female up to a suitable weight. I think 6 months is a more reasonable expectation. You do not want a gravid female that ends up dying because she had poor health before mating, for example being underweight or too young.
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    A couple ideas! Please read

    The difference between the bird cage and the screen cage Saint Jimmy, is that a half inch bar spacing allows basically all the humidity to escape quite easily, whereas a fine mesh cage keeps a much higher percentage of humidity in the cage. With a bird cage you would likely need to put plastic...
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    What makes a business, a business?

    Just to clarify a bit, I completely agree that successful business' can be run from your home! I know many people have converted the homes they own to accommodate their collections or like Dr.O built an amazing outdoor enclosure, and this post is in no way directed at them. It was more for...
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    In my opinion, you should point the mister towards one of your live plants in the enclosure, I think away from the basking spot is ideal. If you spray his basking spot, he may be less inclined to want to be there, and thus will not get enough basking time in each day. I think if the misting is...
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    What makes a business, a business?

    I think you may have misunderstood the post kplatvoet, I was not suggesting that a business in anyway implies better quality of chameleons. I was commenting on the fact that generally speaking, these "business owners" usually have no more in common with an actual business, than giving themselves...
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