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  1. Extensionofgreen

    The ideal companion to the MistKing or any other mist system

    Many months ago, I invested $17 each on Broadlink digital smart timers, from They link up to your smart phone and are effortless to program, with endless programming options, unlike the complicated and limiting MistKing timers. They are easy to connect to the MistKing pump, with out...
  2. Extensionofgreen

    Article in support of insectivores needing PREFormed Vitamin A
  3. Extensionofgreen

    Stuck shed

    Has anyone experienced bits of shed that remained for weeks, even months and shows no sign of coming off? I’ve tried showers, extra misting, gently removing some with forceps ( it’s like cement, though it does lift off of the scales, there’s just no free edge to access it from), and recently, l...
  4. Extensionofgreen

    Enjoying life with my YL pair

    I’m not on as much as I used to be, because work keeps me busy. I also started collecting scorpions and other arachnids, again, so I’m splitting my time between that and my plant hobby. My yellow lips are doing great and I love to sit and watch them. So far the female displays when the male is...
  5. Extensionofgreen

    Parsons owners question

    I’m curious to know what your 4-600 gram parsonii eat in a day. Mine eat and are putting on weight, so I’m not worried, but I like to compare notes. Mine will eat one adult orange head or equivalent sized or larger roach, per day. Usually they will also hunt and eat up to a dozen adult crickets...
  6. Extensionofgreen

    YL pair updates

    my pair is still going strong, with no further issues, since the male had the yellow skin patches biopsied. The female also has some yellow patches. The biopsy revealed non specific inflammation. Speaking to other Calumma keepers has determined this to be normal occurrence and the areas resolve...
  7. Extensionofgreen

    Duel tube and quad fixtures

    Greetings, I have few gently used (6 months or less) duel tube T5 fixtures and a brand new quad fixture, all from light your reptiles. In some instances I can provide plant and UVB bulbs of the same age as the fixture. I have 4 of the duel tube fixtures and 1 the new in the box quad. Take all...
  8. Extensionofgreen

    Exciting news for hornworm feeders I have often wondered about the "chow" used to raise hornworms and silkworms. This is a refreshing idea. I'd like to try this sometime.
  9. Extensionofgreen

    I'll be away.....

    Sunday, I leave to spend until June 10th in the jungles of Ecuador, collecting new and unusual plant material for introduction to some of the horticultural organizations I work with, that promote education, conservation, and the captive propagation of plants from threatened and poorly explored...
  10. Extensionofgreen

    Just some pics

    I've got some outdoor caging in the works and thought I share some current pics of the parsons and their indoor digs.
  11. Extensionofgreen

    Just in time for the uptick in "Bio-Active" posts I haven't listened to it myself, but trust it should be helpful for those that this is a newer concept for. Some of us have been keeping this set-ups as "natural" terrariums/aquariums for decades, with keeping dart frogs, arachnids, and...
  12. Extensionofgreen


    There have been a few threads regarding UVB, D3, and chameleons recovering natural sunlight and whether they still require vitamin D3 supplementation. We don't have definitive information regarding how much D3 a chameleon of any given species, age, gender, or health condition may actually need...
  13. Extensionofgreen

    MistKing timer issues

    Any else have a timer easing its cycles and not keeping all of the programmed cycles? My system is about a year old and the timer just started acting up. I've programmed several times and I'm 100% certain I programmed it directly, as I'm very familiar with it.
  14. Extensionofgreen

    Heat tolerance in Calumma parsonii

    Greetings all. From my research, many of the most successful keepers and breeders house their parsonii outdoors, when weather permits. Where I live, temperatures that are reliably warm also coincide with temperatures that are too hot for montane species, without careful consideration. I have...
  15. Extensionofgreen

    Gorgeous lizards

    I'm really enjoying this beautiful pair of Yellow Lips. I even managed to catch the female basking like a panther or veiled, with her body angled towards the sun (basking bulb).
  16. Extensionofgreen

    Introducing Midori and Tokolosh

    After struggling with my male OE parsonii for almost a year, having blood work and changes in husbandry failing to identify what was wrong, I decided to send my pair to @jpowell86, knowing that greenhouse life, with natural sunlight can cure many ails and also knowing that as well as his own...
  17. Extensionofgreen

    Word of warning for commercial gutload users

    i have noted some threads where people are using gutloads that are commercially available. I have looked high and low for a ready to use mixture that was cost efficient for me and although the ones sold on the forums are great, I go through well over 10lbs of gutload every 2-3 months and I...
  18. Extensionofgreen

    Brookesia vadoni/decaryi

    Does anyone know of these coming in from recent Madagascan shipments?
  19. Extensionofgreen

    Drip irrigation

    Has anyone ever rigged up a drip system using their MistKing pump or created another system that can be used like misting, to run for a length of time and be automated? I'm looking into other portions for ensuring optimal hydration in my parsonii.
  20. Extensionofgreen

    A short article that provides insight to those setting up their first enclosures

    Yes, the article has some grammatical issues and addresses iguana enclosure set-up, but the perspective is very relevant to chameleon enclosure set-up.
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