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  1. PrairieLandChameleon

    Chameleons For Sale

    Verrucosus still available! All others have been sold! Thanks!!!
  2. PrairieLandChameleon

    Chameleons For Sale

    I am moving on to other reptiles at the moment so I am letting go some of my chameleons. All of them are long term captives and some captive bred. I am located in Kansas and I am willing to ship if needed. I will email pictures upon request from serious inquirers. Email me with any questions...
  3. PrairieLandChameleon

    Anyone keep Trioceros Montium?

    Yep, I bought a pair from Nick and they are doing great. The female is gravid and both acclimated just fine. Actually I was just getting ready to post them for sale lol. Very cool but a little small for my taste.
  4. PrairieLandChameleon

    Worse expo ever

    Yea, I knew about the pet store closing, but I thought him and his wife allison still ran it? Hmm....He works at petco now lol, if you knew him well than that should be very funny to you.
  5. PrairieLandChameleon

    Here's a Site Everyone Should Read Through Once.

    Probably a dumb question, but what happened to the site? Why is it down? Is it possible to use that "waybackmachine"?
  6. PrairieLandChameleon

    Worse expo ever

    Yea, my freind Dave holds the manhattan show every year and it is awesome. I'm in Salina. I just order everything, because I already know what to expect from the kc show.
  7. PrairieLandChameleon

    Worse expo ever

    Was that the Kansas City expo?? Hey! Another Kansas person, sweet! Where are you located? I skipped this expo, I kinda' figured there wouldn't be anything chameleon there. I went last month and there were a few, but nothing that I jumped up and down about lol.
  8. PrairieLandChameleon

    Three horned species quotas...

    That is very interesting. My guess would be that they have produced far fewer f1 specimens for export than what they are able to export from the wild. Is there a page that shows the exports from madagascar? I'd be interested in seeing the numbers for that one lol. It is neat to see other...
  9. PrairieLandChameleon

    How big do veiled chameleons grow ?

    Most of the females I have owned have hit 12 inches or less, but I have a male that is 18 inches so I guess it could be pissible, I myself have not seen one hit 16 however.
  10. PrairieLandChameleon

    shipping gravid females?

    I was shipped a gravid montium and all turned out well. I have heard however, that there have been several instances where the gravid females have laid blanks after enduring stress from shipment and the whole lot.
  11. PrairieLandChameleon

    is it truth?

    From what I have read on here from past posts, the reflection issue was found to be a myth. I beleive Chris is also who I read that from.
  12. PrairieLandChameleon

    nat geo wild

    I think it is called worlds strangest creatures or something like that, it premeirs next monday at 8 eastern. Supposed to be three new episodes back to back.
  13. PrairieLandChameleon

    Furcifer Verrucosus Gravid Coloration? Or....

    Thanks! Nice animals! I especially like the deremensis.
  14. PrairieLandChameleon

    Furcifer Verrucosus Gravid Coloration? Or....

    No, they didn't say anything about it. If I saw some gravid pics then it would help but, but is keeping the eyes closed even a sign of that? I've never seen this before.
  15. PrairieLandChameleon

    Furcifer Verrucosus Gravid Coloration? Or....

    I just received a pair of Verrucosus a last wednesday and the male is doing great but the female is acting a little funny. She sits with her eyes closed most of the day and her body puffed up with some very pretty coloration. When the misters come on she opens one eye and will move around, but...
  16. PrairieLandChameleon

    Canon Macro lens?

    I was wondering the same. I'm getting ready to buy a rebel xsi and was hoping I wouldn't have to spend another five hundred or more on a macro. Where did you find this extender?
  17. PrairieLandChameleon

    A.m. Pics

    Actually, I AM curious to know the locale on these OUSTIES, do you happen to know Erik?
  18. PrairieLandChameleon

    Suirt in the sun :)

    nice pictures! Yeah, looks to be a female in my opinion as well. I've got to get some of these guys from Erik before they're gone!
  19. PrairieLandChameleon

    Jackson's and Johnston's

    very nice! I want to see some pics of your Outstaleti!
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