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  1. Aminah Undone

    Vanessa cardui vs. Vanessa virginiensis

    Are both edible for our chameleons? The common names are very similar, and the butterflies look pretty similar. As expected, I guess... they are in the same genus, after all. ;) Just wondering... as the Blue'kids are getting big enough to enjoy flutterbees, and I don't want to make a mistake :)
  2. Aminah Undone

    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    I figured out pretty quickly who was male and who was female.. ....or so I thought! This little one makes me think girl about 90% of the time, but then her face will get all this color and I'm just not 100%. What do you think? Her body is usually the typical female colors.. pink...
  3. Aminah Undone

    Feeding cup for babies..

    My little monsters are in the 3 week'ish age range, now. I can actually tell they've grown some, and they have a little color (a few do, anyway) around their eyes and cheeks. They are eating me out of house and home, but I worry that a couple don't get as many FFs or pinheads as the rest, so...
  4. Aminah Undone

    Sela's kids.. 2 wks, give or take a day

    I put them on the F. benjamina while I do housecleaning, so I decided to get a few shots this morning. :) I think this is a girl.. ..and a little fiesty boy? Quite a few of the whole gang. They were trying to figure out how to get to the taller F. lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)...
  5. Aminah Undone

    2 weeks old and fighting like heavyweights!

    Is it normal for them to be so aggressive with each other? I have 13 Nosy Be babies in a 40g'ish size rubbermaid, with plenty of climbing stuff at all levels ...and they still scrap and tussle all day long! Should I go ahead and separate some of them? I thought they'd, at least, be...
  6. Aminah Undone

    Sela's babies are hatching

    The eggs started pipping and hatching on 31Oct11. Seven babies are in the nursery, now. Five eggs are pipped and four more are still plump, but sweating slightly. There are more pics in THIS THREAD. Here's a cute pic from this morning, just before the lights came on.. "see ..all da...
  7. Aminah Undone

    Setting up the baby bin.. when?

    So.. Sela's eggs are 29 weeks into incubation and they look ready to explode any day now. However, I don't see any sweating yet. Anyway.. just wondering when I should start assembling the baby bin? I don't want to jinx anything! :o For the veteran breeders.. do you set it up after you see the...
  8. Aminah Undone

    ADCHAM gutload on MD site..

    I'm wondering if any of the veteran's here.. especially, if you have Melleri yourself... have the ADCHAM gutload list/recipe. If so, would you mind emailing or inboxing me, here? (I have a copy of Kristina's gutload and will be making that, as well. Thanks, Kristina!) I am currently using...
  9. Aminah Undone

    Melleri and eating vegetables..

    Do your Melleri eat their veggies? My "big baby" doesn't seem to be interested ..yet. I've offered a few different things. All organic and all from the list on the Melleri Discovery site. Are some of the acceptable greens, etc. more enticing than others? Do you hand feed them or just put...
  10. Aminah Undone

    Cup feeding the Melleri

    The first few days, I was hand feeding in an attempt to gain some kind of awareness that I am the source of food.. or good things. We had a slight set back, however, so I resorted to cup feeding the big "guy". First, I hung the cup and walked away. That didn't have great results. Now, I'm...
  11. Aminah Undone

    Do eggs develop at varying rates, too?

    I've read quite a few times that people have different species' eggs hatch at varying times ..not all on the same day ..even some hatching with weeks in between. So I'm curious.. do the eggs also develop at varying rates? I candled Sela's eggs a few days ago ..we're about 13.5 weeks in.. and I...
  12. Aminah Undone

    Nap time...

    zZzzzz.. My latest rescue having a nap :)
  13. Aminah Undone

    a little TRUTH

    I am a big advocate for any animal that faces "species legislation" ..and so many do... so when I found this video today, I had to share it far and wide. Of course, I keep Burmese Pythons as pets ..more like "family...
  14. Aminah Undone

    Are Meller's unsexable, even as adults?

    I was just perusing a particularly well known classified site and there are quite a few Meller's Chams available, both WC and CH/CB. I inquired on one ad and the seller claims they are "unsexable, even as adults". Is this true? Seems odd.... :o
  15. Aminah Undone

    One of my Pygs vanished???

    I'm not kidding... not even a little. One of the Brev's has been missing since yesterday, after their breakfast. I didn't think much of it, as one is usually pretty stealth. When I didn't see her this morning, however, I dismantled the Exo and didn't find her. I don't know what to do.. what to...
  16. Aminah Undone

    Help with Pygmy gender, please..

    I picked these two up as a pair, a few weeks ago. I even named them accordingly ..and thought "Telma" was gravid. However, with prolonged observance and confusing states of "belly size" from day to day.. fat one day, skinny the next.. I am proper confused. :p I hope you can tell me something...
  17. Aminah Undone

    Taking in an adult male Oustalet's ..lots of questions

    As the title says, I'm taking in an adult male Oustalet's very soon ..maybe as soon as tomorrow.. and other than "he's large" ..I have no detailed information. The largest cage I have available at the moment.. is a 2x2x4' and I'm worried that is only going to accommodate him for a...
  18. Aminah Undone

    Green dye on bamboo stakes.. safe?

    I have an abundance of bamboo stakes that come with the *or'kids* I'm also addicted to, but they are mostly dyed that funky dark green color. While they are the perfect size for little Pyg feet, I'm wondering if the dye is safe? thanks..
  19. Aminah Undone

    gravid Pygmy (Brev) hanging upside down a lot?

    Okay... so the Pygs I got a couple weeks ago have settled in very nicely and their husbandry is stable, but the female ..who appears to be very gravid.. is hanging from the top of the Exo for an hour or more, everyday. Should I be concerned? She's cute as a button ..and very alert ...but...
  20. Aminah Undone

    Sela is gone ..My heart is broken

    Supposedly, she'd only been in the seller's shop for a week (WC) before he shipped her to me. She arrived here on the 9th and laid 16 perfect eggs on the 16th. She was sleeping a lot, so I contacted one of the members here and my very capable Vet. She wasn't egg bound, she was eating and...
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