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  1. terrahm

    New enclosure!

    You guys won’t believe this! Someone was selling this 3x3x7 enclosure for only $60!! it’s in great condition and HUGE, perfect my 6 month old veiled to grow a nice him into. Now the hard part, trying to fill it :ROFLMAO:
  2. terrahm


    Took Caesar outside in the garden for some Wednesday sunshine.
  3. terrahm

    Eyes closed.

    Currently in full mom panic mode. Both of his eyes were closed, he might've been sleeping, I know this is a sign of severe internal sickness. They weren't closed for long, I just checked on him an hour ago and when I came back into my room they were shut. His eyes aren't sunk in, he's not...
  4. terrahm

    Custom Build Questions

    Currently in the process of a new custom build for a second cham. Wanted to try out a custom background. So, If I made the back of the enclosure PVC, and the sides, front, and top screen, would the ventilation be suitable enough? Would it ruin the chimney effect?
  5. terrahm

    Eye closed maybe?

    Hey guys! Haven't been as active but need some advice. Caesar is about 4 and a half months old now and he's been doing super well. However, I came home after not being there all day and at least one of his eyes were closed. I couldn't see if the other one was open or closed, but he definitely...
  6. terrahm


    Need some care advice on BSFL. I'm looking to switch my staple feeder and my cham loved the larvae! Are BSFL easy to gutload? Since they're so high in calcium do they need to be dusted?
  7. terrahm


    Almost bedtime 😴
  8. terrahm

    Yoshi chams

    This video made my day :ROFLMAO:
  9. terrahm

    Exo Terra Supplements

    Does anyone have any opinions or experience with Exo Terra supplements? I've heard mixed reviews, need to know if I should switch my multivitamin or not. o_O
  10. terrahm

    Baby veiled

    Little guy loves to go outside.
  11. terrahm

    Quick Cham Question

    So I have those LED strip lights in my room that you see twitch streamers or gamer rooms have, i’ll insert a picture, and I wanted to know if this hurts my chams eyes or not? I noticed when I put them super bright or on colors like purple or blue he gets his scared spots and starts running...
  12. terrahm


    So just a quick question, I had my cham on a 9:30-9:30 schedule, but recently he's been going to bed earlier. The past 2 days he's gone to bed at 9 and today it's 8pm and he's fast asleep in his sleeping spot all curled up in his pj's :ROFLMAO:. Growing little man seems to get tired a little...
  13. terrahm

    Thank you!

    So my baby cham Caesar had his first shed today. It was so so cool seeing more and more shed coming off everytime I walked in the room, him rubbing against branches, and my dad was freaked out when he saw Caesar eat his skin :LOL:. Also sad he's growing so fast and soon he'll be way bigger than...
  14. terrahm

    age of my little guy?

    I got Caesar almost 2 weeks ago now, but have no idea of his age. The breeders I bought him from told me he was 3 months old, and didn’t seem to know how to sex him (he is a boy, he has his little tarsal spurs). BUT, he is so teeny tiny, I have a hard time believing he’s that old. Here are some...
  15. terrahm

    First shed!

    Hi all! Caesar, my baby veiled cham looks like he's about to have his first shed. A little more shy than usual, appetites a little wonky, and he's got a few white dead skin spots and a little white moustache (so cute). I know their dry shedders and they know what they're doing and to just leave...
  16. terrahm

    Florida reptile vets?

    Any Floridians know any good reptile vets? Trying to get my new little squirt a fecal test soon.
  17. terrahm

    baby cham help!

    Sorry for the recent spam of posts, I'm a first time cham owner with lots of questions since this is a big learning process for me! My cham is a baby around 3 months old and has been super happy and healthy. We got him Friday afternoon so it's been a little over 2 days we've had him. Recently I...
  18. terrahm

    Hasn't pooped yet

    I adopted a baby veiled chameleon on Friday afternoon, he's been doing so good. He hasn't changed to any darker color, has been eating, drinking, and has been very active. He looks like a super healthy cham, but he hasn't pooped yet. He's teeny tiny, looks close to about 2 months old. Any tips...
  19. terrahm

    Too humid

    I just got a baby veiled chameleon and the humidity in his enclosure is too high. All of his other temperatures are great and so are his night humidity levels, but during the day I can’t get the humidity any lower than 55%. does anybody have any suggestions?
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