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  1. Lindz

    How little is to little?

    The pet store I'm helping out at got in a baby veiled yesterday and it is only about an 1 1/2" to 2" long. I would think that would be to young to sell yet so I was just curious if it is?
  2. Lindz

    Feeder to Fatten up Gizmo?

    I'm currently gut loading crickets and was wondering if there was a worm that I could give him to fatten him up. He came to me with his ribs showing and the crickets aren't working much. He's eating because I watch him when he does and I feed him every day. I would try silks or horns but they...
  3. Lindz

    I need some feedback to make corrections plz

    Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon – Male Flap neck Chameleon, around 5 months? He’s been in my care for about 3 weeks. • Handling – Once ever couple of days • Feeding – Crickets (6) every day, I gut load them with Fluker’s Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet. Offered some Supers but wasn’t...
  4. Lindz

    More Gizmo

    I see you...! Just hangin out. I took this picture this morning and he was sleeping like this with his head on the leaf and it was so cute!! He woke up as I was taking the picture.
  5. Lindz

    Exo-Terra Monsoon High Pressure Rainfall System

    I just found this and haven't seen anything about it on here. I thought it looked really cool and wanted to share with you all.
  6. Lindz

    Couple more questions then I should be good to go!

    I think :D Ok.... I'm confused on the cleaning of the frass. I don't understand the nets and canvas parts of it. Does anyone have any pictures? I read on the Mulberry Farms site that you don't need to clean the frass or old chow just as long as it was dried out, or did I miss read that...
  7. Lindz

    Is This Normal Behavior?

    I noticed tonight while I was misting Gizmos cage that after he drank the water off the leaves (which was so cool to see him do) he continuously opened his mouth as if he were swallowing over and over again. I wanted to ask because it freaked me out and made me think something is wrong with him...
  8. Lindz

    Am I ready?

    I'm going to be trying to hatch my own silkies pretty soon. I just want to know if I'm ready. I have made a home made styro incubator with a heating pad on the bottom and a rack that sits above the heating pad. It stays a solid 86 degrees in the incubator. I also have a humidity gauge. Does this...
  9. Lindz

    Me and Giz

    Little Gizmo sporting some crazy color :)
  10. Lindz

    Confusion on Silkworm eggs

    I'm just considering breeding eggs so it can save me some money. I've read the Silkworms 101 thread and I'm confused on how it comes to storing them. Do I have to have an incubator? CoastalSilks has the kit with everything you need but doesn't come with an incubator. Is there any site that talks...
  11. Lindz

    Silkies Out of Stock

    They're out of mediums at mulberryfarms and I was wondering how long it'll take for them to have more ready. Also is there some sort of guide to help get them set up?
  12. Lindz

    How many to feed?

    My little guy is around 5 months old and I just fed him mealworms for the first time to see how he did with them. At first I gave him 8 mealworms. Then I put a few more in there and he ate those too for a total of 15. It made me wonder if he just wasn't fond of the crickets in his cage so wasn't...
  13. Lindz

    My New Addition (IMG Heavy)

    Meet Gizmo, my new juvenile Flapneck. He's so quarky and friendly. When I got him he was in a smashed up cardboard box and inch wide and about 6 inches long. Why in the hell would you ship something alive in such a bad container. :mad: When I opened the box he crawled out onto my hand and didn't...
  14. Lindz

    Humidity Issue

    I have an Exo-terra cage that houses my little flapneck chameleon. I noticed that I'm having an issue with keeping the humidity levels up in the tank. I mist frequently so that it stays up. It's getting to a solid 90 degrees in his tank and the substrate is coconut husk. I know that the lights...
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