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  1. Haleyr220

    My chameleon 🤍

    Showing the love of my beautiful chameleon, pascel 🤍
  2. Haleyr220

    Update on my sick chameleon

    Thank you everyone who has been updating, helping and following my journey with my chameleon. I wanted to update everyone who reached out, offered tips and advice. I bought my chameleon when he was 6 months old at a pet store. I thought I was prepared and sure I had everything I needed for him...
  3. Haleyr220

    Is my veiled chameleon dying?

    To start, he is eating. His color is still bright green. HOWEVER, about a week ago, I noticed he was sleeping a lot more than normal. It would be about 12-14 hours every day. This morning, he's awake and up at the top but he looked at first like he was basking in the light at the top. I noticed...
  4. Haleyr220


    Hey guys! New chameleon owner here. I spent days and hours of researching before I got my veiled chameleon. 1. Terrarium: I was going to get a Thrive Tropical Reptile Terrarium kit 30 gallon, this was glass. Upon tons of research and from the store clerks, all advised me to go with a screen...
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