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  1. reptileman

    Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobes Sired By Klaus

    Offering up some of the first offspring I have produced this year. Its been a long wait but I finally have my own red body blue bar lines available for sale. I was really hoping to hold these back but I have to many babies right now. These babies are about 2.5-2.75 months old and ready for...
  2. reptileman

    Active breeders in Canada?

    i was wondering if anyone can help me compile a list of a few active breeders of panther chameleons in Canada. My cousIn wants to get a nosy be and can't find any breeders.
  3. reptileman

    Red Body Blue Bars

    I have 1 male and 2 females still available from the Spartacus bloodline. The Dams sire is Blaze another killer red body blue bar bloodline. The rest of the babies I have in this clutch will be kept back for breeding so this is your last chance in this clutch. I offer Live Healthy Arrival...
  4. reptileman

    6 month old CH male red bar ambanja

    This boy is going to be a beast in the future. his colors are already magnificent and will just get better. He is captive hatched so he is unrelated to anything anyone else has, in addition he has a great temperment and loves getting a little time out of the cage to socialize, not a normal thing...
  5. reptileman

    2'by2'by3' Screen cages 2 used (1 brand new)

    I have 3 screen cages that are 2ft by 2ft by 3ft tall. Both used are in decent condition with just slight wear and tear. One is still in its packaging. All 3 cages were bought from I am taking offers on these. I also need smaller cage sizes, looking for 18by18by36 screen cages...
  6. reptileman

    mulberry trees

    I have some small potted mulberry trees, If anyone is interested I will let them go for $40 each. I have 6. Local pick up in Malibu
  7. reptileman

    looking for white ambanjas

    I am looking for ambanjas with white body genetics, I would like 1 male and a few females if you have any please pm me and we can work out the details.
  8. reptileman

    WC ambanja aclimmating well

    I got this guy a little less than 2 weeks ago and he came in thin and dark but I saw something special in him. Gotten him about 15% heavier and am about to start parasites treatment but he's looking mighty fine. let me know what all you guys think of him. I think I scored big!
  9. reptileman

    Killer Red Body Blue Bar ambilobe male proven breeder

    I hate to put this guy up, but I had a partnership forming that fell and I am not going to be able to keep all my chameleons, possible getting rid of the rest unless I can find a solution. Anyway he is up for sale for the time being so get him before I find a solution. He is about a year...
  10. reptileman

    ambilobe male going downhill fast need advice

    hameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Panther Chameleon, 6 months old male, I have had him for about a month Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? 1-2 times a week for a very short amount of time Feeding -...
  11. reptileman

    ambanjas are hatching!!!

    my sole clutch of ambanjas started hatching, first couple are almost out of the egg. These guys are from my bokazar male from Robmd's line. I bred him to a mister twister female so I am expecting some killer banjas. Here is a little preview, I will keep you all updated with pics soon
  12. reptileman

    two bros shedding

    These 2 guys are both shedding and im seeing some killer colors underneath. I love watching them reveal new colors after each shed.
  13. reptileman

    Red Body Blue Bar ambilobe male

    I am looking for a young red body blue bar male. If you have any to offer let me know and we can work something out.
  14. reptileman

    My other new addition, Flare

    I picked this guy up as well, brother to my recently posted boy Iron. I always think its wild how different clutch mates can be and he really shows it from my other. Let me know what you all think.
  15. reptileman

    Back into Chams with my new Red Bar Male Iron!

    I just picked this guy up after I almost died from over 10 months of not having a chameleon. let me know what you guys think, I will hopefully will be breeding him in the near future.
  16. reptileman

    5-6 month old Killer Red bar ambilobe

    I got this guy from a local breeder. His sire came from kammers the changing one. He is between 5-6 months old and already showing insane colors. I am asking 450 plus shipping for him
  17. reptileman

    8 month old CH tamatave female

    I am selling my female tamatave that I got from amazing blue reptiles, she is captive hatched so their are no sire pics for her but I was able to see some of her brothers who were all orange/white when fired up so shes from a killer bloodline. She is also almost ready to breed weighing 45 grams...
  18. reptileman

    Red body blue bar ambilobe breeding group 2.8

    I am considering selling my entire breeding group of red body blue bars, Its consists of 2 males, 1 proven breeder from amazing blue and the other is 6 months old and will be ready to breed soon. I have 8 females that have been selected that come from different red body bloodlines. I do not...
  19. reptileman

    red body blue bar lazer bloodline

    I was going to hold all of these back but I changed my mind and will be letting a few go, the clutch was female heavy and what I have to offer looks to me 1 male and 4 females, these guys are just over 2 months old as they hatched out on the 10th of novemeber. These are probably going to be...
  20. reptileman

    Ambanja breeding pair

    Here is my ambanja pair, the male is from robmd's bokazar bloodline and the female comes from mister twister at chamalot chameleons, the female has a nip tail but still makes a great breeder its only cosmetic. Both animals are just under a year old. I am asking 600 shipped for the pair or...
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