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  1. SarahChamlove

    For Anyone Who Helped me out!!

    Earl, my male veiled, has been doing alot better! He gained 5 grams in the past week. So he is up to 10grams all together. He's appetite has increased and he is up to about 6 crickets per day. He is doing alot better. My runt is coming thru after all!
  2. SarahChamlove

    Very disappointed!!

    So after i found out my air conditioner stop working, i ran out and got repta fogger keep my cage from over heating and help with humidty. Well I've had it running yesterday and today, IT DOES NOT WORK! The temps seem to be doing ok but the humdity is still low. And the container that my...
  3. SarahChamlove

    Can an encloser be too big?

    I bought both of my chameleons in january, when there were 8 weeks old. I had them live together for a while in a normal size cage for babies. Well, I recently (about a month ago) got my girl, Talula, a bigger cage because she grew so much faster the my male. But she seems less happy in this...
  4. SarahChamlove

    BIG PROBLEM!! over heating is the key word!

    okay, so if any one has ever followed my threads previously, you would know that i live in phoenix arizona. Very Hot climate during this time of year and it is very dry. And I was noticing for the last couple of days that my house is a bit hotter then normal which making my chameleons cage...
  5. SarahChamlove

    dog or cat food deathly?

    So, I had a vet tell me that i should be feeding my crickets dog or cat food after i bring them home from the store. He said to just grind it up put it at the bottom with carrots or water cubes and they will provide extra nutrition for my chameleons. Before I seen the vet, I fed my crickets...
  6. SarahChamlove

    house geckos

    So right now i have my male chameleon being housed at the exotic pets being he is under weight and refuses to eat. So they are keeping him for a week to see if there is a better option for him. If he does eat crickets, it will be about 2 and then he won't want to eat again. He loves meal...
  7. SarahChamlove

    When will my dream come true!

    So I've had both of my veiled chameleons (male and female) for two months now and they are approximately 4 months old and well, I wish they were more colorful as other chameleons. this is Talula my female and this is earl
  8. SarahChamlove

    Mouth open??

    So today, as i was sitting around the house, I heard a hiss coming from my chameleon terrarium. I went over to look at her and I noticed that she was puffing up and moving around (kinda like they do when they shed, even tho she shed just yesterday)... I continued to watch her and she began...
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