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  1. Richardl046

    Hemipene out while on my hand!?

    I was adding some sticks to his enclosure, so he was stressed out. He came over and wanted me to pick him up. So, I picked him up then he started doing a “dance”. He grabs my hand tightly and scoots himself around on my hand.(He’s done this a few times) Then when I look down I saw part of his...
  2. Richardl046

    Ate a butterfly/moth

    My veiled just ate a yellow/orange butterfly/moth. It was about the size of a wax moth. I couldn’t really get a good sight of it since as soon as it landed he caught it. Anyone of an idea of what is could have been and if it was poisonous. We are in Maryland
  3. Richardl046

    How hot is too hot?

    My veiled enjoys going outside. We even got him a big schefflera to hang out in occasionally. However i’m worried about the temperature. It about 80F ambient temperature. (It will start to go up to 90-100F in summer) The issue is in the sun my temp gun measures his basking area about 95-105F...
  4. Richardl046

    Shed fail

    He has been “shedding” for two weeks. He is a juvenile veiled and normally finishes within 2-3 days. Most of his face, casque, and feet finished, but that’s all. He isn’t scratching at it either. I’m not sure what to do and there are no vets anywhere near us. Humidity is usually 30-40%
  5. Richardl046


    Shedding hat
  6. Richardl046


    I guess he made a friend with the black soilder fly
  7. Richardl046

    I need a little help

    I’ve had my male veiled chameleon for a few weeks now. Yesterday I let him do a little “free roam”. He sat on a plant on the outside of his enclosure all day and slept in it. I finally got him back in to the enclosure. (I put him back so he could get uvb) It took a long time, but after it I had...
  8. Richardl046


    I bought this guy (Sam) a few weeks ago and have no clue how old he is. Can someone guess his age? Thank you.
  9. Richardl046


    Meet Sam
  10. Richardl046


    This may be a dumb question, but I was wandering what are the signs of a chameleon ready to go to sleep? I just got a juvenile chameleon and he keeps hiding in the plants. I’m not sure if he is ready to sleep or if he is exploring. Thank you
  11. Richardl046

    Night time

    I am about to get a Veiled Chameleon, and was wandering what light to turn off at night. I see everyone saying to turn the lights off, but I’m not sure if they mean just basking or basking and UVB. Thank You.
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