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  1. joeandsoph

    For sale - Terry Thatcher custom built chameleon tank

    Hi all, I am selling my chameleon tank for a very low price. I no longer have my lovely girl and since moving house don't have space for another just yet. I simply just want to get rid of it for the room. The size is 36x18x36 inches and is fully mesh apart from a black plastic base. We paid...
  2. joeandsoph

    Poorly Tilly

    Hi everyone, If you remember, Tilly was pretty poorly a few months back and she was spayed but also very constipated. She's since been on a daily lactulose diet and things have been running smoothly. Until now... She will not eat (very unusual!!), shes drinking lot's (again very unusual)...
  3. joeandsoph

    Tilly Update

    Hi everyone, Well I'm just updating you on Tilly since her operation. As you know she was spayed and the vet did a great job and she recovered fine. Then...she has been back and forth to the vets as she's still constipated. She's had an enema, and last Thursday we rushed her in to the vet...
  4. joeandsoph

    Check Up Day

    It's Tilly's check up today after she had her op last week. She's doing great but hasn't pooped yet. The vet did say she was constipated so we shall see how it goes. He will probably get her pooping but if this keeps happening is there anything I can do?
  5. joeandsoph

    Surgery Day Today

    Tilly is having the eggs removed and possible spay today (depending that it all goes to plan). He was going to remove the eggs but I've asked that whilst she's under anesthetic and having the op can she have her ovaries removed as I do not want this happening again. Not heard anything yet but...
  6. joeandsoph

    Still no eggs

    Hi, So you may remember me telling you about Tilly just under a week ago. She went to the vets with a bruise and vet did an xray and saw she needed to lay and was constipated. She had an Oxytocin injecting which brought on a bowel movement but no eggs. And still since Thursday no eggs...
  7. joeandsoph


    Hi guys, Instead of clogging up my previous threat 'possible bruise', I've created a new one. The vet has just called and Tilly is ready to go home (thank heavens). It turned out that it was the eggs causing her slight weakness. I can't understand it because she's always laid fine and...
  8. joeandsoph


    I cannot find a particular threat but I know there's alot of various answers around this question. But if you have a healthy cham, how old do they generally live for. I know this differs between male and female but does it differ between species also? Just wondering really.
  9. joeandsoph

    Possible Bruise?

    Hi everyone, Long time no speak. Can you please take a look at this picture of Tilly. I noticed this dark patch this morning and now I'm a little worried. I didn't notice this last night. She's eating and moving fine, everything else with her seems perfectly normal. She managed to suck...
  10. joeandsoph

    My leftover veg

    I know we've probably gone through this millions of times before but just to clarify lol. My chameleon likes her food live and not live so she will basically eat anything you give her. I've always got left over fruit and veg and would love to give it to her but I'm never quite sure what she...
  11. joeandsoph

    Trapped Tail Help!

    Please help, I've just accidentally trapped my chameleon Tilly's tail in the tank door and she got really stressed. It was totally accidental and I feel absolutly terrible. She seems ok now she curled it up and ran to the top of her tank but do you think it will be ok. Doesn't look bruised...
  12. joeandsoph

    Breeding Crickets

    Hey, I am thinking about breeding crickets, but have a bit of a stupid question. Once the eggs are laid in the sand, do I need to keep the container air tight, because that's what I've read a lot but I'm unsure!?!?
  13. joeandsoph

    Urgent Pygmy Help Needed

    Hi everyone, Well you may know that I got a baby Pygmy the other day from a breeder, full set up included. He seemed a little unstable on his feet when I got him but I really just put this down to his feet being so small that he couldn't walk on my hand. Anyway I've pretty much left him alone...
  14. joeandsoph


    Helloooo, I thought I'd let you all know I new a new addition to my reptil family. A baby Kenyan Pygmy Chameleon. I've wanted a Pygmy for so long and my boyfriend got it me last night as a surprise. Now obviously, we've done all the research but if anyone has any helpful tips that they...
  15. joeandsoph

    What's Wong with Tilly?

    Hi everyone, I need you help. My chameleon Tilly (female veiled, around 2 years) is acting incredibly strange. I've come home from work and she was fine, so I'm sitting on my sofa with her tank behind me and she starts going crazy for no reason. She's hissing at me and she's gone very very...
  16. joeandsoph

    What is this?

    Hi, Hi Can anyone tell me what Lizard this is? Was found in a lorry from some country (don't know where) and it needs a home but want to know what it is. Bad pics sorry Thanks
  17. joeandsoph


    can I give Tilly (my female Yemen) and form of pepper. I often have green, red, orange & yellow pepper's left over but can she have them? I've heard a lot of people say sweet red pepper etc. but is this the same as a normal red pepper?
  18. joeandsoph

    Sleepy Head

    Tilly asleep this morning. Adorable.
  19. joeandsoph

    Second clutch new pics

    Hey all, Tilly laid her second clutch about 2 weekends ago. It was about 7 - 8 months from the last one. Here's a pic of how's she's doing a few days later... Still as cute as ever.
  20. joeandsoph

    Tilly's Nails

    How long are my female veiled's nail supposed to be and do I need to clip them. I thought I didn't but they seem to be really long!
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