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  1. AMGChams

    Dragon Flies

    I use a stick and a small hand held net. If you put the point of the stick up higher than the branches of the bushes around where they are they typically land on the end of it then you lower it slowly and place the net above them because they tend to take off like a helicopter ... there you go...
  2. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    Any time jdog Hey man I have to give credit where its due:D You saved me tons with your help.
  3. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    That I don't know sorry.
  4. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    They will eat any thing lol but I would only use what I would typically use to gutload crickets and roaches. Fruits are fine too. I honestly have thousands in my bucket right now so many that the little anoles hang out to get free hand outs as well as toads and frogs.
  5. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    I use just veggies that I would have given to crickets or roaches as gut load and no meat or waste products so I would have to assume that it would be. Pilotman if you are "growing your own" then yes they are gut loaded by what you use to attract the adult flys to lay their eggs in and then the...
  6. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    Yes they are ... I think LOL ... I know they are in Central Fla. I just sent you a PM on how to set up a bucket. I got the idea from jdog here in this forum so I can't take any credit for it.
  7. AMGChams

    Reptiworms staple

    If you live in an area where Black Solider flies are native to you can start a 5 gallon compost bucket with veggies in it and you will have an endless supply of them ...until the cold weather kicks in. That's what I did. Buy as Syn stated some chams don't go after them due to lack of movement.
  8. AMGChams

    My 2 chams facing off

    At least she didn't do what my female did to my poor undersized male. She gapped and then shot her tounge out at him and hit him in the head.
  9. AMGChams

    So my GF hates me...

    Cool glad to help.
  10. AMGChams

    So my GF hates me...

    Did you get my PM? I forgot to add that you will need a heating pad that doesn't shut its self off or some thing to keep the temp up ...
  11. AMGChams

    Cricket housing question

    go to 7-11 or any other convenience store and take some of their cardboard cup holders ... works like a charm :D
  12. AMGChams

    So my GF hates me...

    sure no problem good luck to ya
  13. AMGChams

    So my GF hates me...

    Try Discoid roaches Once you get a colony started you will be set. That is if your chams like roaches. My female loves them but the male is still stuck on crickets.
  14. AMGChams

    White moth

    ... He is a Chameleon ... of course he is going to eat a fluttering bug ;)
  15. AMGChams

    Baby Melleri Pics!!!

    Such nice looking little ones. Makes me want one even more :D
  16. AMGChams

    Clementine has disappeared!

    I just wanted to wish you the best in finding your little friend. Please do keep us updated. He is a very nice looking cham and I am sure you will find him soon. Best wishes.
  17. AMGChams

    Meet Darwin

    WOW very nice looking cham!! Love the colors
  18. AMGChams

    Question about Jello as a hydration for Crickets???

    Just a note Collagen is one of the chief ingredients of gelatin. Collagen is a scleroprotein found in the bone, cartilage and tendons of animals. When the bones or tissues of animals are boiled, collagen yields gelatin. just my $0.02
  19. AMGChams

    NOT here already?? Yes they are

    Wheres the photos??? :D can't wait to see the babies.
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