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  1. reptileman

    New mass cricket enclousure

    I would say they are more likely getting out when you are feeding than finding a way out of that bin...
  2. reptileman

    Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobes Sired By Klaus

    Offering up some of the first offspring I have produced this year. Its been a long wait but I finally have my own red body blue bar lines available for sale. I was really hoping to hold these back but I have to many babies right now. These babies are about 2.5-2.75 months old and ready for...
  3. reptileman

    Active breeders in Canada?

    i was wondering if anyone can help me compile a list of a few active breeders of panther chameleons in Canada. My cousIn wants to get a nosy be and can't find any breeders.
  4. reptileman

    Red Body Blue Bars

    I have 1 male and 2 females still available from the Spartacus bloodline. The Dams sire is Blaze another killer red body blue bar bloodline. The rest of the babies I have in this clutch will be kept back for breeding so this is your last chance in this clutch. I offer Live Healthy Arrival...
  5. reptileman

    Show off your chameleon/s!!! I want to see what you guys have.

    here's another one of my reds
  6. reptileman

    Show off your chameleon/s!!! I want to see what you guys have.

    here's one of mine almost a year old starting to explode with red.
  7. reptileman

    How many chameleons are on CF?

    3 nosy mitsio panthers, used to be around 30 not including babies (179)
  8. reptileman

    What got you into chams?

    I have a very simple story, I really wanted a pet reptile and my parents didn't like any of them, thought they were creepy and kept saying no until I found a panther chameleon, they thought it was so cool they even payed for my first one and it's been an a wild experience since!
  9. reptileman

    Ambilobe or Ambanja

    he looks ambanja or possibly even ankify, which i believe come in ambanja shipments from time to time so he could be a cross of the 2 if hes captive bred. Beautiful nonetheless
  10. reptileman

    buy/shipping eggs?

    It's widely considered to be a dangerous process that most people do not like to attempt, however I have heard from multiple people that they have had success working with chameleons 101 in this process.
  11. reptileman

    New CH Ambanja

    he's looking really good man! glad he went to a great home
  12. reptileman

    Male or Female Mitsio?

    I believe it is indeed a male
  13. reptileman

    2'by2'by3' Screen cages 2 used (1 brand new)

    still have all of these, make me an offer if your interested. I also have a few 18by18by36 screen cages and some odd shaped smaller cages that are great for raising up young chameleons!
  14. reptileman

    6 month old CH male red bar ambanja

    back up for sale, buyer backed out due to some shipping complications
  15. reptileman

    6 month old CH male red bar ambanja

    he is sold!!!
  16. reptileman

    6 month old CH male red bar ambanja

    This boy is going to be a beast in the future. his colors are already magnificent and will just get better. He is captive hatched so he is unrelated to anything anyone else has, in addition he has a great temperment and loves getting a little time out of the cage to socialize, not a normal thing...
  17. reptileman

    2'by2'by3' Screen cages 2 used (1 brand new)

    I have 3 screen cages that are 2ft by 2ft by 3ft tall. Both used are in decent condition with just slight wear and tear. One is still in its packaging. All 3 cages were bought from I am taking offers on these. I also need smaller cage sizes, looking for 18by18by36 screen cages...
  18. reptileman

    mulberry trees

    I have some small potted mulberry trees, If anyone is interested I will let them go for $40 each. I have 6. Local pick up in Malibu
  19. reptileman

    Apollo basking and refusing his Kale

    chameleons while they do occasionally snack on veggies do not need them nor do they usually want them. Stick with the bugs!
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