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  1. JuniorC

    Filled in cage

    Just wanted to share how Blazes cage has slowly filled in. I have a dual fixture with uvb and a 65k bulb.
  2. JuniorC

    Good morning and good day to all

    From Reptar
  3. JuniorC

    Just an update on a panther

    Just wanna share an update on my RED bar Ambilobe Blaze. See all that red on him! 😅 he's coming up on 11 months and he's such a sweetheart! He comes out to my hand whenever I open his cage.
  4. JuniorC

    My red goggle wearing panther

    In love with my red goggles wearing little dude who still has no name 🤔
  5. JuniorC

    Shout out to morifeeders

    Just wanna give a shout out to @Spyro I got an order of his silkworms to try for my first time last week although I was hesitant because I read how sanitary and clean you have to be with them or they die off quickly. Well I ordered 100 and still have not had one dead one. And man do they eat...
  6. JuniorC

    Feeder run

    Recently purchased a feeder run from @nick barta and these are pretty darn legit. I have a hybrid dragonstrand cage so how can I put this feeder run on there since the magnets won't do the job on this one?
  7. JuniorC

    Showing colors

    Just wanna give a shout out to @salty dog for breeding amazing chams. This guy is shy of 3 months and look at his colors already
  8. JuniorC

    He's finally here

    A huge thanks to @salty dog for working with me and sending me such a beautiful new member. Here he is at only 2.5 months and great colors already. Now some help with a cool name 🤔
  9. JuniorC

    Coming soon

    Well, I was able to get the drainage set up over the weekend for the new member coming soon 😎 stay tuned for updates
  10. JuniorC

    US Looking fot panther baby

    Morning everyone. I already hit up the search bar on here but was wondering if anyone had any panther clutches they are waiting on or have babies for sale already. I would rather buy from a member before a sponsor. Was going to wait until later this year but I got my hands on a new set up so who...
  11. JuniorC

    Dragonstrand drip tray

    I saw the newer hybrid cages come with a drip tray. I saw it has some kind of panel floor but does the bottom pull out to throw out the water or how does it work? Might be a stupid question but before I spend $300-$400 I would like to better understand
  12. JuniorC

    Offer up finding

    So came across this female chameleon for sale on offer up. And it always gets me to see the conditions these guys/gals are in. You can always tell when the owner has no clue on what they're doing. Anyways someone posted this female chameleon as "super healthy" along with the usual comes with the...
  13. JuniorC

    Do superworms smell?

    Ordered 100 small supers for my first time to add as a treat every now and then. I read you can keep them in what they come for substrate and container. Will this be fine and main question do superworms start to smell?
  14. JuniorC

    Help identifying bug in new plants

    My brother bought a couple plants earlier and later came across this. Any one have any idea what it is?
  15. JuniorC

    Dormant oil?

    Is it safe to use branches that have been sprayed with dormant oil? Or will a good rinse with soap and water be ok?
  16. JuniorC

    Mealworm beetles?

    So I saw the actual Mealworms turn into a bettle that works good for clean up crew for my dubias. Just wanna make sure this is correct and if so can I just order some Mealworms and leave them in the cup until they turn into beetles? Or is there a better way? Thanks in advance
  17. JuniorC

    So this happened

    I'd like to introduce you to Blaze, our new Red Bar Ambilobe. Shout out to @twistychams for working with me and being super cool. This guy is around 3 1/2, months and look at his colors already
  18. JuniorC

    Mistking deal?

    So was just wondering if anyone could recommend a place where I can get a mistking the cheapest? I believe Josh frog is the cheapest so far?
  19. JuniorC

    Help with plants

    So I have a pothos, umbrella tree, money tree and parlor palm I believe it is. I have a 65k bulb with my 6% arcadia so my question is will all the plants be good under that light? Or should I trying to avoid direct lighting on one of them? They are looking good so dont wanna kill them
  20. JuniorC

    Tree for outside enclosure?

    So living in AZ its still warm but little by little feeling cooler in the mornings and evenings. Anyways I have a cool outdoor cage for my chameleon I would just like to add a small tree too for the chameleons outside time. Which would only be a few hours at most. I work at a dessert tree...
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