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  1. Itwas

    Docs new home

    So Doc, my young veiled, was starting to look like he was ready for a new home. After a few weeks wait and a nightmare episode with a supplier and courier company, i finally got everything (apart from the dripper) :D exo terra hood is pretty sweet but the fan makes a bit of a racket.
  2. Itwas

    What you lookin at?

    here's a few pics of my boy Doc who is now 4 1/2 months old and turning into a right terror. If you don't have food you ain't friends, lucky i had a juicy waxworm to offer while taking these. I just love him, even when he's all hissy :)
  3. Itwas

    BBC Chameleon vid

    Im sure most of you have seen this but its worth another view.
  4. Itwas

    burns or bruises?

    2 days ago my 4 month old veiled managed to escape his cage and was found sat amongst his lights sat on the shade of his basking light. I only use a 40w bulb and the part where he was sat is hot but you can hold it in your hand without discomfort. The only way he could have escaped is to have...
  5. Itwas

    Observations from a noob

    I thought I would start this topic just so I could point out a few observations I have made as a newcomer to Chameleon ownership in the hope it will aid future new owners or even put off some who are incapable of their care. These are just my observations of owning a veiled chameleon so far...
  6. Itwas

    Definately a male....right?

    If someone can please just confirm that he is in fact a he that would be super. he is around 3 months and yes I know that his shed skin makes it look like hes wearing frilly gloves and boots but that doesn't make him a girl.
  7. Itwas

    Chameleon eating its own skin

    So Doc my baby veiled male has just shed for the first time since i got him around 3 weeks ago. it happened really quickly and he seems fine but i noticed him eating some of the skin he had shed. hes been eating regularly and his poo is fine so i guess im just wondering if any other members have...
  8. Itwas


    Hi can someone post a pic of what burns look like on a chameleon? Im probs just being worried but i just read in another post that a cham has burns and they are brown and my baby veiled has had a light brown ridge down his casque and spine since i got him. Im sure that he cant get burnt in...
  9. Itwas

    House flies, bluebottles and maggots

    I have read a few times about people feeding their chams houseflies and bluebottles etc and i was wondering at the nutritional value of feeding these? Fruitflies i can understand because they eat fruit but houseflies and bluebottles? dont they only eat crap and other nasty things? And what...
  10. Itwas

    Baby Veiled too skinny?

    Chameleon Info: * Your Chameleon - veiled, male i believe, 8 weeks old i was told and ive had him just over a week * Handling - have only handled him around 3 times for a few mins. * Feeding - Feeding him baby brown crickets, i was putting around 5-6 in his cage every...
  11. Itwas

    Got my first Chameleon yay

    So yesterday I finally thought I was ready to go pick up my little guy. Hes a baby veiled called "Doc" and hes around 8 weeks old. At the moment hes housed in a glass and mesh terrarium but hes going into a larger half wood half mesh cage very soon. I was wondering how other members operate...
  12. Itwas

    New keeper in the UK

    Hi everyone, I have always wanted to own a chameleon and now have the opportunity to do so. I have been researching plenty but have a few questions about the enclosures i would like to clear up before I purchase my new pet. I understand the lighting setup needed but have read that mesh...
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