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  1. wprazak


    So I’ve noticed my Cham arms have an ashy off discoloration on them. Does anyone know what this could be caused from? She shed last month so it couldn’t possibly be that right?
  2. wprazak

    New enclosure

    Im wanting to buy a new enclosure for my Jackson’s. One that has a proper drainage and possibly already decorated. The enclosure she has now is the right size it’s just I feel she deserves a better enclosure. Any recommendations on where to get one or if I should even get another one
  3. wprazak

    Black Spot

    See images attached. The black spot is new. Unsure what it happens to be Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Yellow Crested Jackson’s Chameleon, Female, No more than 6-7 mos. Been in my care for 6 mos. • Handling -...
  4. wprazak

    Why my Jackson’s looks like this

    Can anyone tell me why my Cham looks like this? She didn’t always look like this Longated mid section
  5. wprazak

    Jackson’s Cham Dehydrated?

    My. Female Jackson’s I’m not sure if she’s ok or not. The other day she found a hole in her cage and tried to fit through it. I had to free her close to the neck. She’s mobile and everything’s fine from that but she don’t appear to be drinking unless I give her a dropper of water when her...
  6. wprazak

    Turning black

    My female Jackson’s is black and she is froze up. When I move her she moves a very little and then she freezes like she’s been put on pause
  7. wprazak

    What does everyone think

    So I was thinking about getting a second enclosure for my Jackson’s Cham. So she can be comfortable while waiting for her cage to be cleaned and another home so when she’s outside. The question is how do y’all feel about these type of cages? I’m wanting to get one custom-made similar to this one
  8. wprazak

    Too much ?

    Is this too much for Jackson’s
  9. wprazak

    Jacksons Mating

    Can you breed a jackson with a 4 horned or a 2 horned?
  10. wprazak

    Gaping mouth

    My Cham has done this several different times, opens her mouth like she yawning throat puffed out and like twitches. Her butt end twitches and mouth opens wider. Does this only a few seconds What’s wrong with her?
  11. wprazak


    so at 8pm I have my chams lights go off for the night. I place a sheet around the top part of her enclosure and tonight when I was placing the sheet up. She was coming to the door so I opened it and let her come out. She got on my hand and was sleeping. Is this normal ? I walked to another room...
  12. wprazak

    What to use

    Ok so I upgraded my Jackson’s enclosure. She now is in a 48x24x24 screen enclosure but I’m having im having difficulties making her limbs and other climbing decor sturdy. What can I use that will provide that without damaging the screens
  13. wprazak

    Wanting out

    My Jackson wants out so I let her climb on my hand and I walk her around. When she’s ready to go back it’s known. But today she was wanting out left and right. She even went to the bottom of her enclosure wanting to get out. I didn’t want her at the bottom so I got her out. Is this normal to...
  14. wprazak

    Cage size

    Would a 16x16x30 be sufficient for my Jackson? I purchased a kit but they didn’t include the dimensions on the box or site.
  15. wprazak

    Cham discoloration

    Here’s a picture of my Chamaeleon what are the white spots and is this color normal for her yellow crested Jackson’s Chameleon
  16. wprazak

    Jackson’s Cham

    I purchased a Jackson’s Chameleon and was curious to the age and sex. Also is this color normal for a chameleon? (Picture below)
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