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  1. swordfish1030


    My quads were eating super worms, but they seem to have lost interest. I do feed a host of other great insects. I am just curious if anyone found anyway to make food sources more attractive or in other words how to bring back the excitement they once had in the superworms. I even tried...
  2. swordfish1030

    Trioceros quadricornis 2 weeks and Loving life!

    not sure this will work. but I linked here to my album with in. To show you my wonderful Chams that I recently received just over 1 week ago.
  3. swordfish1030


    Curious, what ratio of safeguard, or panacure or rapidflex do you use. I know how to administer it to horses. However no cham has weight close enough to use the guidelines on the package. I am just curious.. my creatures are fine
  4. swordfish1030

    QUESTION, sorry

    Sorry if I am not allowed to ask on here, but I am going to. Is FLChams a good and ethical site? I recently made an order on there and was told that I would have to wait because they are out of the country in Israel and can't fill my order until they get back?? What kind of response is...
  5. swordfish1030

    Dwarf Jackson

    I would like to get a pair of Dwarf jacksons... 1) Any thoughts on a great breeder for Dwarf Jacksons? 2) Any sub species better in your opinion than another? 3) Any do's and do not's in your opinion on a Dwarf Jackson? Thank you.
  6. swordfish1030

    Favorite Jackson

    I am really new to this. I picked up a Jackson from a local Lizard swap/trade show and I am wondering what is your favorite type/kind of Jackson Chameleon. Also what are some things or bits if you will, of advice that you might share with someone only a week into this. I have read countless...
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