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  1. Jocccellynnn

    New panther?

    Hello I haven’t been in here in a while, I’ve been doing a lot of research on panthers recently because I’ve been thinking about getting one. I just wanted to know if there’s any drastic differences in the husbandry between panthers and veileds that I should know? (:
  2. Jocccellynnn


    I’ve cleaned my lay bin and remade the soil sand mixture over 3 times now because it keeps getting infested with gnats. Is this okay? They’re small and I honestly don’t care they’re in their hit it concerns me cuz she’s going to be laying in it. Any advice? Lol
  3. Jocccellynnn

    Eating shed

    My Chameleon is shedding today, I woke up and her head was all white and now she’s almost done but she ate a few pieces?? I have not seen her do this before, is this normal lol?!
  4. Jocccellynnn

    Silk worms

    I know were not supposed to give bugs from outside to our chams. I never have and don’t intend on ever doing it but I’m the spring we get like tons and tons of silk worms that just strong down from trees and was wondering what would be the harm in giving it to her? Sorry if this is a stupid...
  5. Jocccellynnn

    Worried :(

    I over analyze everything and it may be nothing. By my chameleon hasn’t been moving around as much as she used too and almost like lays down In her basking area. I want to take her to the vet I’ve been calling local vets all day trying to find one I’m located in Southern California (San...
  6. Jocccellynnn

    New uvb?

    I currently have the 22 inch 5.0 UVB T5 HO on my 24x24x48 enclosure. Do I need to upgrade to a longer fixture and bulb ?
  7. Jocccellynnn


    I haven’t been so happy to see a fly in my house but oh my goodness I thought they were never gonna hatch. My girl enjoyed two flies today for the first time and I just wanted to share my excitement lol.
  8. Jocccellynnn

    Red wax worms

    I haven’t fed my Cham wax worms in over a month and forgot that I still had them so today I opened it and they were all red and squishy. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone lol I assume they’re dead but the dead ones are usually black so
  9. Jocccellynnn

    Temps and humidity

    Hello, I am just wondering about my humidity and temps I know they aren’t terrible but I am having a bit of trouble. It’s started snowing where I live and it doesn’t get past 66 at night and I can get the humidity up to 99 every night. My concern is the day time humidity and temps, her basking...
  10. Jocccellynnn

    Thoughts on pygmys

    So I have been really thinking lately that I want to get another chameleon since money won’t be an issue and I will be able to provide everything I need for it. But I have been looking into Pygmy chameleons and was wondering what I should consider before getting one and I obviously want to set...
  11. Jocccellynnn


    My chamelon is such a character. I find her doing the weirdest things sometimes. Last night when I went to turn her lights off she was just sitting so hilarious. So I just wanted to share
  12. Jocccellynnn


    So I have calcium without d3 and with. I dust my feeders with the calcium without d3 everyday and give her the d3 once every two weeks. Today I just picked up multivitamins. How often do I dust the feeders with this?
  13. Jocccellynnn


    I went to my local reptile store, they had so many chameleons today and I was so happy to see all of them with the correct lighting and enclosures. I was so tempted to get a hatchling but I’ve read it’s not good to get them at this age so I wanted some input before adopting it. I’ve been...
  14. Jocccellynnn

    Lay bin

    Okay, I set up my lay bin with organic soil and play sand, I was going to use a bigger bucket but I would have rearrange the whole enclosure if I did. So I used a pot but it’s only 10 inches high, should I trade it out for the bucket instead? Also my girl has been going to her basking branch and...
  15. Jocccellynnn

    Itching eye

    Ok so my Cham was itching her eye on leaves in her cage earlier. I was watching her for a while after and haven’t seen her do it for a few hours so it might be nothing. She has not itched it again since around 10 am. But i was super worried when I saw her itching because I know that eye...
  16. Jocccellynnn

    So sad.

    I have been going to this pet shop near me for years, it’s where I got my Cham. But after joining the forum, I have realized how much care the chameleons are lacking. I went yesterday and they have had the same adult veiled and Jackson’s Cham for months, with no uvb or real plants. It makes me...
  17. Jocccellynnn

    Possibly Gravid?

    So I haven’t noticed any tremendous weight gain, I feed her 5-7 feeders every other day, she is almost 7 months I believe, but I just wanted to post some pics and wanted some feedback if she looks Gravid or possible overweight? I don’t feed her to much because I don’t want her to be overweight...
  18. Jocccellynnn

    Crazy veiled

    I was going to feed my Cham this morning(I hand feed her) and she usually walks straight up but she was a little angry today, I caught a super funny pic of her that I wanted to share though.
  19. Jocccellynnn

    Laying bin

    So I’m working on making my laying bin today, would this soil be okay it’s organic and pet and people safe?
  20. Jocccellynnn

    Enclosure feedback

    I’m super happy with the way my enclosure is coming together, but then i come on here and see one a lot cooler than mine and have to go out and buy more plants for mine. Haha currently I have 4 golden pothos and a money tree. I’m working on completely removing all the plastic plants but I do...
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