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  1. stevenelvin

    My growning gang of lizards.

    Thanks :P. I'm glad someone thinks so.
  2. stevenelvin

    My growning gang of lizards.

    First up is the geckos: One of 2 Male Uroplatus Ebenaui. I've had them for just over a month. One of my Oedura Tryoni, Love these guys. Next we got the chams: Heres my male Calyptratus...
  3. stevenelvin


    Bahahahaha!.... Schweet cham though.
  4. stevenelvin

    Surprise Gift

    Congrats man! Lookin' good!
  5. stevenelvin

    wont open her eyes

    You're supplementing-schedule needs improvement as well. I use a multivitamin (without D3) twice a month, calcium with D3 twice a month and calcium (without D3) 5-6 times a week.
  6. stevenelvin


    I'm glad to hear that your cham is drinking again! I would not have stopped misting though. They lose hydration much quicker when exposed to low humidity.
  7. stevenelvin

    eating peat/soil

    It is not good for your chameleon to ingest substrate of any kind. It could lead to impaction and potentially death. If Eric continues to eat the substrate then I would consider taking it out.
  8. stevenelvin

    Oedura Tryoni

    Just thought I'd share a pic of one of my tryoni.
  9. stevenelvin

    Creative Cage Building....What Do You Think?

    Looks pretty sick if you ask me
  10. stevenelvin

    Is this a normal size poop??

  11. stevenelvin

    Small Casque on Veiled?

    You need to be dusting with plain calcium WITHOUT d3 and multivitamin aswell. This is the schedule that I (and a decent amount of other people) use. Calcium with d3 2x a month Multivitamins 2x a month Calcium WITHOUT d3 almost every feeding in between
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    That kind of response is not needed at all. You asked for help and she is trying to provide it for you. You should really fill out the whole "how to ask for help" form. It'll give people a better idea as to what could be going on.
  13. stevenelvin

    baby camo

    Great pics! Quads are an awesome looking species, I would love to work with them some time in the future.
  14. stevenelvin

    Calling all multituberculata keepers

    Awesome, thanks for the reply man!
  15. stevenelvin

    Calling all multituberculata keepers

    Hey, I'm just wondering what your male multi's weights are at... Mine is going through the whole deworming process so I sort of want to guage how close he is to being optimal weight. I weighed him today and he's 53g. Heres a few pics of him from today...
  16. stevenelvin

    Some new pics of the crew!!

    Your veiled looks like an older version of mine (colouration wise). lol Nice pics!
  17. stevenelvin

    March Contest Theme

    Eye shots!
  18. stevenelvin

    Do you believe in aliens?...

    There is speculation as to exactly how big of deal this actually is, considering some people beleive it is just a small amount of arsenic substituting for the similar chemical phosphorus. I still find it amazing that a substance which would usually end life is now sustaining a form of it.
  19. stevenelvin

    Do you believe in aliens?...

    I beleive 100% that we aren't the only form of intelligent life out there. It seems pretty obvious to me. I just wonder what exactly is out there. I mean look at how abstract life is on earth. Now think... What utterly insane-looking entities could be out there? And what are they composed of...
  20. stevenelvin

    Got my Mistking today!!!

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