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  1. Amanda1801

    Chameleon anatomy - something strange on xray

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge, or could point me in the direction of any publications detailing chameleon anatomy? I've had my veiled chameleon for about 18 months, he's now around 2 years old. He came to me with advanced MBD with severe pathalogical fractures...
  2. Amanda1801

    Pygmy advice?

    Hi, I've got a chameleon, he's an almost 2 year old Yemen called Colin, who I've had a lot of issues with (took him on with malnutrition, dehydration, chronic infection and advanced MBD). I knew I wanted a cham at some point in the future, but hadn't got around to doing any research yet, and...
  3. Amanda1801

    Burn? If so, what are the implications...

    Hi, I've had my veiled cham for approx 9 months now, he's about a year and a half old. I've recently moved house, and was floating around for 3 weeks between tenancies, so I boarded Colin the Chameleon at a small animal and reptile boarding place. He was very well cared for there, they even...
  4. Amanda1801

    Calcium RDA Question

    Hi, I have a 1 year old male veiled, who I have had for 6 months after taking him on with severe MBD. He had another round of xrays today, and his bone density has hugely improved :D He's currently on an increased dose of liquid calcium for his MBD, but will soon be able to be reduced...
  5. Amanda1801

    Eri silkworms?

    Anyone know anything about these? I've seen they might be available at a supplier I use...
  6. Amanda1801

    Diurnal rhythm and hunger strike?

    Hi, So, the clocks went forward last week - and my little dude has been eating less and less since the beginning of this week and is eating very little at the moment - could this be related to the clock changes throwing his diurnal rhythm out of whack? If anyone else has experienced this...
  7. Amanda1801

    Hornworms in the UK

    OK, so I know that you cant import hornworms into the UK - but what about eggs? Anyone know?! Amanda
  8. Amanda1801

    Ficus help!

    I've taken Freddie the Ficus out of Colin's cage as he's now very bare! I've bought a new one and Colin is loving it... So, I need to recuperate poor old Freddie the Ficus - Any ideas on the best way to do this? Cheers, Amanda
  9. Amanda1801

    heat/light issues...

    Hi, Until now, my cham has had a 100W normal household bulb (yes, my house IS freezing) which keeps his basking spot at 80-88F. I got a new boiler yesterday, so I now have efficient central heating, and his basking spot jumped to 96F, so I have gone back to his 60W bulb to see how the...
  10. Amanda1801

    First taste of sunshine!

    Shame it was through the window, in the waiting room of the vets! Can't wait until summer :p
  11. Amanda1801

    Tongue action?

    I'm aware of how the chameleon tongue works - it grasps the prey - but is there also an element of stickiness? If so, what causes this? I've noticed that my cham is having difficulty keeping hold of prey that hes shot at from a distance - he manages to get a hold of it (unless its a worm...
  12. Amanda1801

    My pyjamas!

    My pyjama top :D
  13. Amanda1801

    I'm sure I'm just being paranoid...

    As the title says - I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, but I've never had a healthy chameleon to know what "normal" is! Colin is doing well, not growing all that much, but gaining weight and condition nicely. I'm wondering whether his legs look a bit odema-ey? Like i said, he's gaining weight...
  14. Amanda1801

    Pupating Mealworms

    So - as a result of his 3 week hunger strike, Colin's mealworms are now pupating - are these ok to feed off to him? Any ideas regarding nutrition? Amanda
  15. Amanda1801


    Hey, Quick question (well it will probably not be a quick answer!) but what causes chameleon colours? I've been looking at photos of chams since I joined, with a particular love for veileds - but mine is so dull compared to everyone elses! I've had 3 sheds with my guy, and he still...
  16. Amanda1801

    My cake!! :D

    LOOK what my flatmate made me for my birthday!! :D
  17. Amanda1801

    Chameleon rehab?

    How do you go about *correctly* rehabilitating a chameleon that has been neglected? Quick bit of history - its pretty simple! Got him at 6-7 months old, only fed on crickets - no variety, just brown crickets, ungutloaded, no supplements. I've got calcium with and without D3 sorted, but...
  18. Amanda1801

    Plant density

    Is it possible to have too many plants? I've got the XL reptibreeze and have a ficus in one corner from bottom to top, but its got a bit thin through losing leaves and being eaten, so I've bought a second, and was going to swap them over to let the other recover a bit... I was wondering...
  19. Amanda1801

    Are any of these safe feeders?

    Ok, building on my other thread of a chameleon who gets bored with feeders... Are any of these suitable feeders? Fruit/Sun beetles? Turkistan Roaches...
  20. Amanda1801

    Feeder boredom?

    Don't worry, this isnt a thread about the leisure activities of my dubia :) My chameleon came to me having been fed only crickets - I got him when he was 6-7 months old. When I first got him, I noticed he was eating very little, and thus got a variety of feeders to entice him to eat - he...
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