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  1. RyanBRZ

    US ReptiBreeze XL cage stand & light fixture mount

    Up for sale is a wooden stand that I built for the ReptiBreeze XL (2ft x 2ft x 4ft). The cage rests on the perimeter of the stand, allowing you to drill holes in the plasitc cage bottom and put a plastic bin underneath to catch water. The stand is built with pine (using screws) and coated with...
  2. RyanBRZ

    US *Sold* NJ - Dubia colony, over 1000 roaches of all sizes, $50 for everything

    Local pickup only or I can meet you half way ** SOLD **
  3. RyanBRZ

    Ceftiofur (Excede) antibiotic for URI

    I brought my cham to the vet today because I think he has a URI. The vet was on the same page and recommended she gives him one 3ml injection of Ceftiofur vs 10-12 injected doses of (I forget the name but I used it before), over the course of 10-12 days; Ceftiofur remains active for 1 week. She...
  4. RyanBRZ

    Outdoor PVC enclosure build

    Here are some pics of the outdoor PVC enclosure I am working on. Furnishings and mesh are work in progress. 60" tall x 48" wide x 27" deep 3/4" PVC pipe Day 1 - Outside frame Day 2 - The remainder of the frame Day 3 - Doors Day 4 - A happy chameleon
  5. RyanBRZ

    Outdoor PVC cage

    I'm working on building an outdoor cage out of PVC pipe and poultry fencing. For those who have built one before, do you have to cement the joints, or am I ok just connecting all of the parts? I'd like to be able to break it down so I can move it inside during the winter. Maybe cement the front...
  6. RyanBRZ

    Ruined my day a little bit

    I went to my local mom & pop pet store to pick up some feeders and the owner was busy with customers so I figured I would look at what kind of reptiles he had. I ended up seeing a juvenile veiled in a 1x1x2 screen cage, basking bulb and black/purple bulb up top, no mister. He was hanging out...
  7. RyanBRZ

    UVB and basking fixture placement

    I recently redesigned my panthers enclosure and wondering if I have the lighting fixtures setup ideally. I selected one branch (where he is below) as his main basking branch. Above this, I have his UVB fixture at a level where he is getting between 3 & 4 on the Solarmeter. I also have his...
  8. RyanBRZ

    Increasing ambient temps and/or humidity in mesh cage

    With it getting colder in the northeast I am struggling to keep my ambient temps between 75-80, it's been in the low 70's lately so it's not too far off. The cage is a reptibreeze XL (24"x24"x48"). The cage is not in a corner of a room so the only side facing the wall is the back. I've read of...
  9. RyanBRZ

    Possible RI ?

    Chameleon Info: •Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Panther, male, 14 months. •Handling - Lately 2-3 times a week, usually to go outside for sunlight for 15-20 minutes •Feeding - June-August primarily BSFL's and superworms because he would not eat anything else. He ate a few BSFL's around a week ago. I...
  10. RyanBRZ

    Large Exo Terra Screen Terrarium vs Repti Breeze XL vs custom

    I'm looking at doing a cage re-design and figured I would buy a new cage so I can take my time with setting it up versus having to find a temp place for my chameleon to hang out while I work on it for hour(s). Debating between: Large Exo Terra cage (36" x 18" x 36") LLLReptile or Amazon...
  11. RyanBRZ

    Feeding dubia's from a colony

    For those that have a colony, how do you gutload and feed your roaches off to your chameleon? My entire colony always has access to this roach chow and I throw in random fruits and veggies, and water crystals for hydration. I saw some posts/videos where some create ice cubes of all types of...
  12. RyanBRZ

    Panther male, slightly sluggish, sometimes misses branch with rear legs

    Chameleon Info: •Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Panther, male, 1 year old. Have had him for 9 months. •Handling - Once or twice a week, only when he asks to be taken out. •Feeding - I provide 15 or so BSFL's daily, I now also offer him superworms only a few times a week. He was on a superworm-only...
  13. RyanBRZ

    BSFL gutload and feeding

    I know you do not need to gut load these but I figured it couldn't hurt to let them munch on some bug burger prior to feeding. I found that this presents moisture which allows them to climb the walls of the feeding cup. Does anyone else gut load and have a means of preventing them from escaping...
  14. RyanBRZ

    Dusting BSFL's

    I'm on my 3rd type of insect trying to break my annoying chameleon from superworms...BSFL's. He has always eaten them in the past and I think it's my only hope. I have been dusting crickets/dubia's/supers with Repashy Calcium Plus LoD but what I've read is you should not dust BSFL's with calcium...
  15. RyanBRZ

    Blue is darker on back

    Hey guys, just wondering if anything is wrong with my boy. His blue stripes above his white bar are partially brown. Is this a vitamin deficiency or any issue I should be concerned with?
  16. RyanBRZ

    US Dubia Roach Colony (2000+ roaches) & Setup For Sale - Located in NJ

    My colony is flourishing and my cham doesn't eat them so I need to unload the entire setup. Located in NJ. Edit: Colony back up for sale, see posts 7 & 9 for details.
  17. RyanBRZ

    Free ranging dubia's

    Is it possible? My boy seems to only eat a dubia if he finds one walking across the screen. Do dubia ever wander around or do they find a spot and stay there until they die? I have a ton of well fed dubia's that I'd love to feed off but container feeding doesn't work. Chameleons are annoying.
  18. RyanBRZ

    Adult dubias

    Can a near-adult panther chameleon take down a full grown dubia? My cham has refused to eat dubias for the past few months and my colony is flourishing so I need to get rid of some of the adults. Thinking of introducing him to an adult as he has only ate nymphs in the past.
  19. RyanBRZ

    Dubia feeding tactics

    When I first got my chameleon his main feeder was dubia's, he used to go through 15-20 a day. I would put them in a container with a side cut out which had a piece of screen that the roaches would hang out on. He would wake up, go directly to this and feed away, every day, it was great. I...
  20. RyanBRZ

    Chameleon goes crazy sometimes

    I've seen my chameleon go crazy 2 or 3 times in the past 2 weeks or so. Out of no where he puffs up and moves quickly around the top of his cage, as if something is threatening him. Tonight he wouldn't stop so I shut down his lights for 5 minutes and that settled him down. Is this maybe a mating...
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