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  1. vasol

    MBD advice!!

    so i self diagnosed my chameleon with MBD, he is not using his front right arm and it seems to be slightly deformed. (his bulb was overdue and his calcium with d3/multi vit dusting schedule was off.) I tried to make an appointment for calcium injections, but the technician said injections...
  2. vasol

    weird bump in tail?

    does the base of his tail look weird to you guys?
  3. vasol

    lack of tail curling when sleeping?

    I've noticed that chams usually curl their tail up when theyre asleep. as of late, sometimes my cham will curl it halfway...or it just hangs a little. is this normal? for some reason it strikes me as strange. thanks!
  4. vasol

    what is this weird lump on my cham?

    can anyone tell me what this is?! sometimes you cant see it, sometimes you can depending on how he moves.
  5. vasol

    karma @ 3.5 months

    snapped a few pics of him on his new semi-free range after his second shed with me (he shed the day he arrived), just thought i'd share. hes an ambilobe from kammerflage.
  6. vasol

    released some superworms

    so i had a container of superworms for awhile since my cham is too small to eat them. they kept chewing through the lid and escaping so i decided to release them in my garden, are they gona go crazy and eat everything LOL
  7. vasol

    proud new owner!!

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking these forums for awhile now just trying to absorb the insane amount of information available on here!! I just received my first chameleon (male ambilobe) last week from Ed and Liddy at kammerflag kreations (awesome people). Here's a headshot of karma, he's...
  8. vasol

    Fluker's repta calcium

    i recently got for my panther. i was under the impression it did not have vit D3...but i noticed "Ingredients: Limestone Flour, Flavor, D-Activated Animal Sterol (Source of Vitamin D-3)." does this mean that it does indeed have D3?
  9. vasol

    Is this fungus?

    i just got my little guy yesterday. hes eating and drinking, but im not sure what that spot around his mouth area is...should i be worried?
  10. vasol

    My new enclosure

    this is my new enclosure, its a 18x18x36 from LLLreptile. I know the bottom should be clear, but my dad wanted to build the base for it. what do you guys think? is my jungle too thick lol i have like 6 different plants in there? feedback is appreciated!! this is for a panther which i'll be...
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