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    Ambilobe Male to Adopt

    Letting go an ambilobe to someone with the time and attention this special guy needs. Local pick up only in south Florida. Contact me for more information and pictures. [email protected]
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    Gator Jr. Appearance

    A few photo shoot pics of Gator Jr. ;)
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    My tongueless boy!

    Been awhile since i posted something. Still deciding whether to keep him or let him go.
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    Gator Jr. Update

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    Farenheit Female

    I have a 10 month old RBBB Farenheit female from Eric Thompson. Big adult female never been bred. Just looking to make room. Will post a few pics later. PM me or email me [email protected] $250 + shipping.
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    Angry at a neighbor???

    Serko not being nice to his lady friend :mad: :confused: I wonder why?
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    Ambilobe Male

    He is around 12 months old letting him go for $200 plus shipping. Great price on him with great genes from Clint/Gator. He does not have a tongue due to an injury when he was around 6 months. Also has a small tail nip. Eats like a champ everything offered he wont back down and is very tame. No...
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    Ambilobe Female

    I have decided to let go one of my 2 girls, the last two left from this pairing Clint/Gator line. Almost adult size and about to become receptive pretty soon. She is sister to Gator Jr. Asking $240 plus shipping. PM or email me for more info [email protected] Here are some links of...
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    Gator Jr.

    Here are some updated pictures of Gator Jr. These were taken this afternoon, he was glowing and being bright on a ugly and cloudy day in S. Florida. :D
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    Couple pics of my boys

    Gator Jr. and Serko this afternoon. :cool:
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    Serko bedtime pics :)

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    Ugly Duckling (Gator Jr.)

    Its amazing how this guy turned out. Here are some pics as he grew into the stud he is now. Hope you enjoy! About 2 months old 4 months 6 months 8 months 10 months 11 months 12 months
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    Quick afternoon shots :)

    Had some time for better shots of my boy. What a difference between iPhone pics and a professional camera. On one side he was calm enjoying the lake view :). On the other side he got a view of a female :).
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    Male Sphynx Kitten

    Selling a 8 week old Male Sphynx kitten. He is all dark grey with blue eyes. In perfect shape and health. He is super playful and loves all the attention. He was given first shots on Saturday. Only selling local and can drive halfway if needed. Asking $1000 firm. Email or PM me for more info...
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    The Gators! Like Dam's Sire like Son

    Gator Jr. Looking a lot like Dam's Sire (Gator from Red Island) Gator Jr. Gator
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    Brotherly love

    Enjoy! :)
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    New babies

    Just sharing having some babies hatching :). First one to hatch is a girl.
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    Got Orange?

    One of my guys changing colors :)
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    9 month ambilobe great bloodlines

    I have a 9 month old ambilobe letting him go for $150 plus shipping. Great price on him with great genes from Sire Clint and Dam sire is Gator. I would like him to go to someone experienced and to be treated with extra care. He does not have a tongue it had to be amputated when he was around 6...
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    Dragon additions

    Got some new dragons a few weeks ago. :D
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