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  1. beeze


    Congratulations on your new chameleons.
  2. beeze

    How old is my veiled

    The video and links above will tell you how to make a laying bin. I used sand in mine. If not mated the eggs will be infertile. The other links will tell you how to keep your girl from laying infertile eggs or at least keep the clutch small.
  3. beeze

    Fruit for a Chameleon?

    In your last picture is that an egg on the floor on the left?
  4. beeze

    Gizmo the Veiled Chameleon

    Such a good lookin little guy!
  5. beeze


    What a cute shot! Shedding means she's growing. :)
  6. beeze

    Sadie's 10 Month Old Pictures

    Her colors are so vibrant! Prettiest female chameleon I've ever seen. :)
  7. beeze

    Look What I Found...

    He's looking for a home.
  8. beeze

    Emergency Trillian is prolapsing

    That is so sad. I am so very sorry for your loss. You did everything that you could for her.
  9. beeze

    Do You Heat Your Misting System's Water?

    The out side get pretty warm but not too hot.
  10. beeze

    Do You Heat Your Misting System's Water?

    Here's one that I made. It works quite well. :)
  11. beeze

    Update photo...and also just because shes cutw lol

    She's a pretty little girl for sure.
  12. beeze

    Baby Veileds Video - Cute and Fearless

    There's nothing cuter than baby veileds.
  13. beeze

    My Start to these Wonderful Animals.

    Sorry that you lost her. At least you gave her a second chance.
  14. beeze

    Girls with Horns

    Such beautiful females with horns.
  15. beeze

    Rip Princess Millie

    Sorry for your loss.
  16. beeze


    Two lovely ladies!
  17. beeze

    Female Veiled Acting Strange :/

    What did the xrays show? Does she have eggs? Did you go to the vet mentioned above? Most vet are not familiar with chameleons.
  18. beeze

    Baby cham care

    Congrats on your new baby! I'm sure you'll be an excellent keeper.
  19. beeze

    Zeus's Birthday Update!!!!!!!! (LOTS OF PICS)

    I like the blue bars! Happy birthday Zeus's!!!
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