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  1. Chuck G

    Jacksonii jacksonii group!

    This group is sold. Thanks Eric!
  2. Chuck G

    Quadricornis Gracilior male

    I am reluctant to sell this guy but females have been hard to locate. I would like to sell to someone that wants to breed as he is a perfect specimen. He is around 3.5 years old. Very healthy. $300 gets him shipped to you.Paypal only. Contact if interested.
  3. Chuck G

    Jacksonii jacksonii group!

    Can't believe this group is still here! Anyway, here is another pic of the male! Contact me if interested.
  4. Chuck G

    63 Yellow-lip eggs today...

    Congrats Sam! Just saw this. You can call me and I can give you tips on what I have done as I haven't used an incubator. Good luck with them.
  5. Chuck G

    Jacksonii jacksonii group!

    One adult male and three lovely adult females that are perfect and ready for breeding! Excellent breeding project and live birth! $500 shipped gets them to you! Paypal only. Message me or call 410 251 6237.
  6. Chuck G

    Parsonii eye candy!

    This guy is beastly!
  7. Chuck G

    2015 Parsonii Hatchlings

    Hey! Big congrats! Now we're getting regular hatchings. Good luck with them. I am waiting anytime for my next group to hatch.
  8. Chuck G

    Distinction between Trioceros Quadricornis subspecies

    This is a fresh pic from today. He complied showing the nails. To be honest, I have seen more red on females and these are definitely lighter. I am just glad I ended up being the center of attention. I enjoy being the prettiest girl at the dance. You guys continue hashing it out. Chris and...
  9. Chuck G

    The High Prices of The New Madagascar Quotas Chameleon Species?

    Man I am glad I am finding the time to get on here more often! Chameleon Forums has always been a good spot for a good old fashioned donnybrook. Keep it above the belt boys.
  10. Chuck G

    calling all white panthers!

    Nitro! One of my past Faly's.
  11. Chuck G

    Big Parsonii eggs!

    This is a comparison pic with a Panther egg. They are both about 2 months away from hatching
  12. Chuck G

    Big Parsonii eggs!

    Garrett, she is beautiful! I am glad you ended up with one of mine.
  13. Chuck G

    Big Parsonii eggs!

    Thanks everyone! Laurie, they are from my same pairing as the last group, Hercules and Athena. I will post some pics tomorrow with a panther egg so everyone can see the size comparison.
  14. Chuck G

    Big Parsonii eggs!

    Haven't been on the forums in a while so this is what I have been up to! There are 30 eggs that should hatch in about 2-3 months if all goes well.
  15. Chuck G

    Yellow-lip Pair (M+F), Beautiful

    Bueller is here waiting on you.
  16. Chuck G

    Meru's, Quad and Johnstonii

    Absolutely amazing chameleons. The pics aren't bad either!;) Keep up the good work. I may have to take some off your hands.
  17. Chuck G

    Daytona Reptile Show Pictures August 2014

    Thanks for the pics!
  18. Chuck G

    New Deremensis babies.

    Congrats! They are not an easy species to breed. Good luck with them.
  19. Chuck G

    Parsonii Hatching!

    Ok. If you guys are going to twist my arm I may be interested in a few. Feel like a Parsonii hoarder!
  20. Chuck G

    Parsonii Hatching!

    Good stuff Garrett! You know I want one.;)
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