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  1. Pearl Fields

    Strange black spots on tail

    My chameleon has some black in his tail, idk if it’s normal, I mean it hasn’t always been there. I think it’s a recent thing but just wondering what people maybe think it is? Also he’s been in the plants recently, so maybe he got a bit of dirt on his tail ????
  2. Pearl Fields

    Can you gutload with herbs (as well as other stuff of course)?

    We have some fresh herbs growing outside and i was just wondering... would herbs be good for gutloading? Just a few here and there? I would imagine they would, like they're good for people. But does anyone have any info, opinions on this? Thanks!
  3. Pearl Fields

    Are your mistkings silent?

    Hey. So i wanted to ask, to anyone who has/has had a mistking, are they actually silent for you? I have one, it works, but it isn't exactly silent. I can definitely hear it. The vibrations but also the i guess, water going up the tubeing or something, in bursts? IDK how to explain it, but did we...
  4. Pearl Fields

    Do chameleons really sometimes not chew their food?

    This is kind of dumb but I was thinking about how sometimes we will "pin" bsfl to be sure they are digested if the chameleon does not chew them up. I was just wondering if anyone has actually had a chameleon that does not chew it's food well? I just cannot imagine that really happening, like it...
  5. Pearl Fields

    feeding different feeders silkworm/hornworm chow?

    So, can other bugs, i mean other than hornworms or silkworms, eat hornworm/silkworm chow? Would it have any benefits? I feel like it has been mentioned somewhere a while ago, so i started thinking about it. Thanks!
  6. Pearl Fields

    Just Curious do bigger spaces make them more friendly?

    So we recently, like 2 weeks ago, moved my 10ish month old veiled, Stormy, into a 4 by 2 by 4 foot enclosure. Before this he was in the standard 2 by 2 by 4. But anyways, today he came onto my hand, twice, for food. I just figured, might as well try to get him on my hand one more time, as i had...
  7. Pearl Fields

    Change in veiled behavior

    So, the past few days i have noticed Stormy, my veiled, not watching me everywhere i go? he keeps staring down? And he doesn't seem to notice me (as in watch me) unless i get right in front of him. He isn't sleeping... I've made sure of that. He just has changed from being super alert to... not...
  8. Pearl Fields

    funny boy

    i fed him a couple supers and this is what i got: looks like hes choking lol. (hes actually fine he just pulled in the super in this pic) but quite funny if you ask me.
  9. Pearl Fields

    attaching branches

    Does anyone know and good, simple (ish) ways of attaching branches? i have some horizontal pieces of wood on the sides of the cage we built that could act sorta like dragon ledges. uhhh but yeah i know you could ziptie branches but i need to know, how do you ziptie and straight object and make...
  10. Pearl Fields

    Look at the blues

    Look at his blues on his arm omg!!!
  11. Pearl Fields

    Do the 50 dollar RO filters work

    Do they work? im looking at buying one because the 300-500 dollar ones are out of my price range lol, and a couple people have said they work. I just want to know, do they work longterm or will you have issues of buildup after 1 year or so. Anyone who has these id appreciate feedback!
  12. Pearl Fields

    theres a roach on his head

    what do i do to get it off its on his casque i dont want it to hurt him, he is very defensive i dont know how to get it off
  13. Pearl Fields


    Ok so like a little under 2 weeks ago I was allowed to get a tarantula!!! I got a baby curly hair T from joshs frogs (it arrived very healthy and a good size too). It's so cute in my opinion. Here's some pictures of it!! Its about 3/4 inch big. (Also, just to note, I do not mean to be mean but...
  14. Pearl Fields

    Makes me so mad that people kill spiders

    Ok it just makes me so mad that people kill spiders and refuse to even make an effort to try to release it instead. People normally kill them when they either hate them or fear them. But like, take this as an example. Spiders are like beetles. There isn’t really too much beetle phobia is there...
  15. Pearl Fields


    Can chameleons sense/hear thunder and lightning? He almost seems to be able to, we have thunder and lightning right now, and he’s suddenly stopping, and looking around, was just wondering if they can hear it
  16. Pearl Fields

    what are some good plants?

    sooooooo i need some good plants, that get large but not MASSIVE, non toxic and non sap producing, for my chameleons 2x5x4 new cage we're building for him. i just dont know many plants lol so if anyone has an ideas comment on this thread, thanks !
  17. Pearl Fields

    Oh no bsfl escapees

    What do I do?? I found one on the carpet crawling around. My mom can’t know!!!! I guess that explains the mysterious paths up the container they’re kept in. But ughhhh. How do I dry out their container quickly!!! Or keep them from climbing up the sides!!!!how!!
  18. Pearl Fields

    Not handling

    Soooooo I know that generally the advice for building trust is hand feeding, and then getting the chameleon to eventually come on you? But... would it be ok if I just hand feed and don’t try to get him to come so much? Because he’s already 6 months old. Or is it worth it, and does it benefit the...
  19. Pearl Fields

    Walking on the bottom after misting

    I have noticed that Stormy will walk on the bottom of his cage right after I mist it, in circles around the perimeter a couple times, but ONLY after I mist. Is this normal? Like will his feet be ok doing this daily for a couple minutes? (It’s a wet, flat surface) And he is definitely a male...
  20. Pearl Fields

    why are pygmys so hard

    i know pygmy chameleons are supposed to be not for beginners, and btw im not planning on getting any anytime soon, but I am just curious why they are supposed to be so hard to keep. like, for example, dart frogs have very similar care, and are not considered "hard" at all. is it one of these...
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