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  1. suncei

    Black pigment around nose!

    Hello, My Panther 12Month just got this .... this afternoon ..... its just a black pigment around his nose ONLY ON ONE SIDE.... not sure what it is or what to do about it? SHOULD I BE WORRIED? thanks christian
  2. suncei

    Eating BARK!

    Hey here is a picture of the curly piece of dark Dry Root which my chameleon is chewing on....?! :confused: This is a piece of dry uprooted, well, root twig which i found in the desert...... cooked in the oven for 30 minutes and put in the cage..... he seems to like chewing on it... when...
  3. suncei

    here is his picture just follow link i already posted this pic somewhere else? i dont have the weight but just a guess .... he is about 6 inches long without tail
  4. suncei

    how old is my chameleon???

    Im trying to figure out my male ambanja's panthers ..... Xavi's age? any ideas?
  5. suncei

    HOW DO i humidify my Cage!?

    hey guys... I live in las vegas 0-10% humidity the cage gets to a max of 70% when i just mist but after 30 min it is back down to 30% I need a humidifier but my cage is completely screened 2'x2'x3' cage any suggestions of how i accomplish 50-60% humidity? thanks
  6. suncei

    My new Panther!

    I am happy to report that today on day two of feeding, I skipped the cup feeding completely and went straight for the loose cricket in the cage and Xavi the cham. went right for him..... HE AIGHT 4 CRICKETS IN 10 MINUTES! ENJOY ... SOME BETTER PICTURES COMING:D:D:D
  7. suncei

    new cage New Problems!

    Hey guys, Just got my 9 month ambanja panther.... (pics coming soon ...dont wanna scare him) he was originally in a 12"x18"x18" cage and was feed crickets loose in the cage he is now in my 2'x2'x3' cage .... and i tried to feed him crickets in a feeder cup.... today was the first day...
  8. suncei

    Cage almost ready!?

    I may be able to get my new 8-9 month old ambanja panther tonight!!! currently doing a test run on my cage 2'x2'x3' aluminum terrarium ficus tree pothos hanging plant for chameleon drinking with artificial vines and real twigs (twigs were baked to sanitize) rep glo 5.0 18" bulb sun glo...
  9. suncei

    How much light is tooo much!?>

    2 QUESTIONS GUYS and GIRLS>? HOW much light do i give the chameleons hrs/day? and does that change for winter/.?> Is a MV heat/UVB bulb and a repti 5.0 uvb 18" bulb to much light for a 7 month old panther in a 2' x 2' x 3' terrarium? whats up everyone! peace christian
  10. suncei

    Cage cleaning!!!>>

    Hello, I was hoping that I could get some tips on how to properly clean and maintain my terrarium? I have a ficus plant, the bendable "fake" twigs and real branches which I baked in the oven for 30 min to sterilize. I dont have my panther yet but when I am ready to get him I'd like to...
  11. suncei

    Where should i place the cage?

    I am proudly awaiting a new Veiled Cham, and have a beautifully set up 24"x 24"x 36" cage... my question is about the locations of the cage in my apartment... bedroom, living room, or den... the bedroom and living room would give the cham more natural light.... but the den is more private than...
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