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  1. Solid Snake

    Any vets in/near Denver?

    Oy there people. Been a little while yeah? I need to know if anyone here is a working veterinarian, or knows one in or near the Denver area. I would extremely appreciate that if so you reach out to me here, or at [email protected] Hope everyone is doing just super awesome! Much love...
  2. Solid Snake

    I want to give you TOOL really...

    Hey there guys! My sincerest hopes that everyone is well! Here's the deal... I have had to cancel my vacation to AZ! D: (Yes Elisa, very sad news indeed, I was very much looking forward to that spicy butternut squash soup) The main feature of my trip was geared to see TOOL on Halloween...
  3. Solid Snake

    Im so, so very tired...

    How are all of you? "There will be days when you'll look at your hands and you'll want to take something and smash every bone in them, because they'll be taunting you with what they could do, if you found a chance for them to do it, and you can't find that chance, and you can't bear your...
  4. Solid Snake

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving Chameleon Forums. I am thankful that I have such easy access to clean food and water. I am thankful that I have such easy access to information. I am thankful for friends, family, and animals. I am thankful for our service men and women. I am thankful for Chameleon...
  5. Solid Snake

    Cat may have cancer. Anyone with experience out there? ...pssst...Dayna...

    This is October: October is 16 years old. October stopped eating and drinking last Friday, and became very lethargic, and dehydrated. I noted wheezing in him Saturday. We have been inundated with snow, and thinking he may just have a respiratory infection, thought he could wait until...
  6. Solid Snake


    A big thanks to everyone who helped out with her. This would especially include Xanthoman, Ataraxia, Jdog1027, ferretinmyshoes, Dave Weldon, Kinyonga, Trace, Laurie, and most of all coldbloodedAL who did a great job caring for her over the past year or so. I really appreciate it. She was my...
  7. Solid Snake

    Planto-Garden Flece Blanket Material

    A friend of mine uses this on her plants, and the packaging claims it lets air, light, and water through. I thought it might have an application in chameleon keeping. The main part that caught my eye, was that it lets light through. Has anyone heard of this stuff...
  8. Solid Snake

    Database of chameleon body temperatures.

    I noticed when I started checking my animals body temperatures with a IR thermometer, that no matter what the ambient temp was that day, they would keep themselves at a very precise temperature, through thermoregulation. I noticed they had a resting temp, and a max basking temp, specifically...
  9. Solid Snake

    Happy Birthday SSimsswiSS!

    I think it was yesterday :o but we still love you Steve! ;)
  10. Solid Snake

    Happy Birthday Olimpia!

    Je t'aime mon ami!
  11. Solid Snake

    People in the UK

    I really try to stay away from television, especially cable news shows. However, I inevitably am in a room were someone is watching this drabble from time to time. Ive noticed that quite a few times, that an American news station will have someone reporting, that ha a strong British accent...
  12. Solid Snake

    Gourmet feeders coming to east coast.

    Get your nets!
  13. Solid Snake

    Happy Birthday Trace!

    I love you, and I love the land of Canada. Have an awesome birthday!
  14. Solid Snake

    Motorcylce people...

    Anyone know anything about this POS? It wont run...properly...the general consensus is that theres an issue with the carburetor...but if anyone has experience with this bike I wouldnt mind chatting about a few things...
  15. Solid Snake

    Name that snake!

    What is it? How do I care for it? Its life is in your hands dude...
  16. Solid Snake

    Bit of a cock up on the catering front...

    ...yesterday that is. To make up for it, today Im making a pasta sauce from scratch (4-5hrs), with penne, and chicken, sauteed in a garlic butter sauce, and bruschetta, served with a nice(ok half decent) merlot. Then its off to the pubs!:D So Hoj, whats for dinner?
  17. Solid Snake

    Lets chat 2501snake///2501
  18. Solid Snake

    Snizzy Hats-Custom Chameleon Hats

    Welcome to Snizzy Hats!!! Ever wanted to take some ridiculously "cute" pictures of your chameleon, but you just didnt have the right miniature hat for it to wear? Need that "edge" to put your snapshot ahead of the game in the photo contest? No fear, Snizzy Hats are here! Just look at how...
  19. Solid Snake

    Need a drummer

    Someone who can record in midi, one way or another, for a just for fun project. :cool:
  20. Solid Snake

    I need to settle an argument...

    Are these Cinnamon Rolls, or Cinnamon Buns?
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