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  1. dom1959

    misc supplies in phoenix

    everything is gone! thx for all the interest!
  2. dom1959

    misc supplies in phoenix

    at this point, not shipping, hoping for local buyer....
  3. dom1959

    misc supplies in phoenix

    hi, i had some devastating events recently, short story... i will be out of chams for some time. i have 2 - 24" light your reptiles light hoods 1 36" light your reptile hood. (never used) a 50 and 75 watt sunray and a mistking setup also 2 12x12x18 terariums if interested just pm...
  4. dom1959

    Starting to really worry me

    looks like he is doing better, i have one of his brothers :):) mine doesn't care for butterworms but he does like the great lakes hornworms! and recently dubia.
  5. dom1959

    My early Christmas Surprise!

    yay for you!!! happy xmas baby!
  6. dom1959

    butt.....on a branch

    very cute!!!!
  7. dom1959

    graceful mikhail eats his 1st...

    woot! woot! dubia roach!!! i gave him a hornworm and happened to see an appropriate sized dubia... 2 dubia later and i am still dancin in the streets!
  8. dom1959

    Outside Photos From Today

    very nice group!
  9. dom1959

    for sale 36" arcadia set up

  10. dom1959

    for sale 36" arcadia set up

    6 percent and 6500k bulbs, phoenix local only, in use 3 months, $80.
  11. dom1959

    Great Lakes Hornworms :)

    agree, been ordering from them forever!
  12. dom1959

    Stanley and Krayola photo shoot.. ;)

    i love me some stanley!!! but you could pop popcorn on krayola!
  13. dom1959

    beardie diy viv

    has anyone used an ikea table as a beginning and then added the back and sides(maybe using "L" brackets as support for the structure? seems like it would be easy enough, a 4x4 sheet of plywood would prolly be enough material, then a screen top and glass front... opinions
  14. dom1959

    n e one know...

    what this is?
  15. dom1959

    my newest obsession...

    in keeping with th tradition of all pet names beginning with "m"... mal-iscious!
  16. dom1959

    Another Sad Story

    those are the same animals?:eek: you have done a fantastic job!:D
  17. dom1959

    AB Dragons

    i love abdragons, prompt, reliable, healthy product! win, win, win for us!
  18. dom1959

    kenyan sand boa

    sounds like a good idea, thanks!
  19. dom1959

    kenyan sand boa

    1st shed my ksb had his 1st shed, looks like a lil hangin on his nose? anything to do to help him remove it!
  20. dom1959

    Mistking nozzels inside reptibreeze ?

    or check out my diy on this thread...
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